OwnerRez vs Guesty for Hosts (Your Porter): A Complete Features and Pricing Comparison [2024]

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Most short-term rental hosts are overwhelmed with a never-ending list of repetitive tasks. From guest communication to updating availability and synchronizing rates across booking channels, the struggle to stay on top of it all can be exhausting. Luckily, there are tools such as OwnerRez and Guesty for Hosts that can automate these time-consuming responsibilities.

However, with different features, pricing, and strengths, how do you determine which one is right for you? That’s where this comparison comes in. In this OwnerRez vs Guesty for Hosts (Your Porter) showdown, we’ll break down the details, explore alternative options, and help you find your way to the ideal vacation rental management software for your business. 

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OwnerRez vs Guesty for Hosts: An Overview

OwnerRez is an all-inclusive channel manager that can streamline your business from top to bottom. The all-in-one solution for hosts packs powerful features such as property management, a website builder, an intuitive channel manager, accounting tools, and a long list of integrations to ensure that you can connect every app you need to this software. Refer to our OwnerRez review for all the details about this robust platform. 

Guesty for Hosts is an easy-to-use and simple vacation rental software designed for property managers and owners with up to 3 properties. This software was formerly known as Your Porter App, but in 2021, it was acquired by Guesty. Guesty for Hosts supports all the key features for managing a small portfolio of units, from a website builder and channel manager to message automation and pricing optimization. 


OwnerRezGuesty for Hosts
Plans start at $40/moPlans start at $34/mo
Calculate your costCalculate your cost
Free Trial Free Trial
14 days14 days

Winner: Tie

OwnerRez and Guesty for Hosts offer simple, transparent, and comparable pricing, although OwnerRez tends to be slightly more expensive. Instead of a tiered pricing structure, they operate on a flat fee model, which varies based on the number of listings you’re managing. 

With OwnerRez, you have the freedom to select the features you need and customize your plan accordingly. Starting at $40/month/property, the basic package includes a channel manager, digital signature, auto-responders, and an array of other valuable features. Tools that cost extra are property management, QuickBooks integration, a website builder, a WordPress plugin, and SMS messaging. 

Since Guesty for Hosts is designed specifically for hosts with up to three properties, it provides a unique pricing structure tailored to accommodate small rental businesses. The cost starts at $34/month for one property with an annual subscription. While its packages are all-inclusive, you’ll need to pay extra for a couple of advanced features, including smart lock automation, chargeback protection, and a custom domain name.


OwnerRezGuesty for Hosts
✅ Multi Calendar✅ Multi Calendar
Oversee and access all your bookings from one calendarOversee and access all your bookings from one calendar
✅ Unified Inbox✅ Unified Inbox
Manage messages from different sources from a single inbox (booking sites, SMS)Manage messages from different sources from a single inbox (booking sites, SMS, email, WhatsApp)
✅ Channel Manager✅ Channel Manager
Sync bookings and property details across several channels such as Airbnb, Vrbo, Booking.com, and Home to GoSync bookings and property details across several channels such as Airbnb, Booking.com, Vrbo
✅ Booking Website Builder✅ Booking Website Builder
Build a direct bookings website that collects booking information and handles paymentsBuild a direct bookings website that collects booking information and handles payments
✅ Owner Portal❌ No Owner Portal
Generate owner statements and insightful reports (Learn more)No owner portal
✅ Accounting Features❌ Accounting Features
Keep track of income, expenses, and payments, and integrate directly with QuickbooksNo integrated accounting features, but it allows you to export financial reports
✅ Automation Tools✅ Automation Tools
Automate guest responses and other repetitive tasksAutomate guest responses and other repetitive tasks
✅ Task Management✅ Task Management
Manage assignments, including cleaning turnoversManage assignments, including cleaning turnovers
❌ Revenue Management❌ Revenue Management
Integrates with dynamic pricing tools like PriceLabs and Beyond as an alternative solutionProvides a pricing optimization feature
✅ Open API❌ Open API
Build custom integrationsDoesn’t support open API

Winner: OwnerRez 

As a platform designed to cater to vacation rental businesses of all sizes, OwnerRez offers a more comprehensive set of features compared to Guesty for Hosts. OwnerRez will give you access to functionalities such as an owner portal, accounting tools, and an open API that will help you manage a larger number of properties and consolidate all your operations within a single dashboard.

Guesty for Hosts focuses on providing essential features tailored for hosts with a limited number of listings. However, it’s worth noting that Guesty for Hosts includes a useful functionality that sets it apart from OwnerRez—damage protection. This feature ensures you have added security and coverage in case of any unforeseen incidents.

Customer Support

OwnerRezGuesty for Hosts
4.9 Custom Support rating on Capterra – Email and phone4.5 Custom Support rating on Capterra – Email and live chat

Winner: OwnerRez 

When it comes to customer service, OwnerRez surpasses Guesty for Hosts with an outstandingly high rating which showcases the capability of its support team. Guesty for Hosts also boasts a good rating, with predominantly positive reviews, although there have been some isolated complaints about the response rate.

Conclusion – OwnerRez or Guesty for Hosts?

Both OwnerRez and Guesty for Hosts can help you say goodbye to the chaos and regain control of your short-term rental business. So, which one is “the one?”

Are you a small business owner managing three properties or fewer? You will probably find everything you need in Guesty for Hosts. With its affordable pricing, intuitive interface, and extensive toolset, you can easily automate your operations without compromising your revenue. 

However, for medium to large businesses seeking advanced features like accounting tools, owner portals, QuickBooks integration, and open API, OwnerRez is the ideal choice. Keep in mind that OwnerRez may be too costly for beginners, as certain additional expenses, such as website building and property management, increase the price. 

If you’re still indecisive, you can test both of their capabilities without commitment for 14 days.

Alternatives to OwnerRez and Guesty for Hosts

You probably don’t want to waste hours on exhaustive research to find more options, so we’ve made it easy for you with our list of top vacation rental software.

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In this carefully curated selection, we have evaluated popular platforms such as OwnerRez, HostHub, Lodgify, Smoobu, and Guesty (check out the Guesty vs Guesty for Hosts comparison to find out how they differ). Among these options, our top recommendation is Uplisting. This platform is renowned for its robust functionality in rental management, and it also excels in offering top-notch customer service.

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