PadSplit vs Airbnb: Which Is Better For Hosts? [2024]

Deciding between listing sites can influence who sees your space and who books it. We're here to simplify this decision between PadSplit vs Airbnb for you as a host.

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Where you choose to list your vacation rental matters a lot. PadSplit and Airbnb stand as platforms that showcase your property to potential guests. Deciding between the two can influence who sees your space and who books it.

We’re here to simplify this decision between PadSplit vs Airbnb for you as a host. Our goal is to help you understand the differences and find what works best for your rental property without any complications. Let’s begin!

Can You List on Both PadSplit and Airbnb?

Yes, you can list on both PadSplit and Airbnb. Listing on multiple platforms widens your reach, attracting more potential guests. However, it may lead to challenges like double bookings and managing various calendars.

A channel manager can be a savior, synchronizing your calendars and providing a unified inbox for streamlined communication across platforms. Make sure to read our blog about how to properly synchronize your calendars and avoid double bookings.

What is PadSplit?

PadSplit started in 2017 to help folks with lower incomes who help our communities. It’s a place where property owners and people looking for cheap places to live can connect.

They help property owners make better use of their extra spaces, making it a win for both the owners and those looking for affordable homes in the community.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb began its story in 2007 with just two hosts and three guests in a San Francisco home. Now, it’s a global network with over 4 million hosts and a whopping 1.5 billion guests from all corners of the world.

Each day, Airbnb hosts are all about offering unique stays and experiences, making it easier for guests to really connect with local communities in a deeper, more meaningful way. It’s all about those authentic, real-world connections.

PadSplit vs Airbnb: An Overview

Let’s take a closer look at the key differences between PadSplit and Airbnb.

Comparison pointPadSplitAirbnb
Costs For HostsMonthly earnings calculated as Gross Income minus Total PadSplit fees (Transaction Fees at 2.75% + PadSplit Platform Fee at 12%). Offers a website calculator to compare earningsGuests pay listed price plus 6-12% guest service fee to Airbnb. Hosts receive listed price minus a 3% host fee
Reach and Getting BookingsGrowing in 18+ cities, 6,200+ units, housing 14,000+. Focuses on affordable housing for low-income workersOffers varied spaces, from shared rooms to private islands, attracting diverse guests, especially younger travelers.
Host InsuranceRequires property and general liability insurance, providing partner contacts for suitable policiesProvides $1M coverage through AirCover for Hosts, covering guest injuries or damages, with separate coverage for intentional acts or host belongings.
Cancellation PoliciesAllows cancellations until 8:00 pm EST before move-in, offering refunds based on cancellation time and free transfersCancellation within 48 hours or after check-in incurs a 50% fee for remaining nights, between 48 hours and 30 days, a 25% fee
Customer ServiceMixed reviews for both; extensive FAQs are available

PadSplit vs Airbnb: Costs for Hosts

Let’s break down the costs for hosts on PadSplit and Airbnb to understand how they impact your earnings.

PadSplit Fees – Your monthly earnings as a host are determined by Gross Income minus Total PadSplit fees (Transaction Fees at 2.75% + PadSplit Platform Fee at 12%), resulting in Operating Income (Payout). They offer a calculator on their website to compare earnings with PadSplit versus other platforms.

Airbnb Fees – Guests pay the listed price plus a 6-12% guest service fee, varying based on the listing’s price, which goes to Airbnb. Hosts receive the listed price of their accommodation, deducting a 3% host service fee.

If you prioritize a transparent fee structure and want control over your pricing, PadSplit might align better with your preferences.

However, if you prefer a more standardized fee setup and are comfortable with a percentage-based commission, Airbnb could be the suitable choice for your hosting needs.

PadSplit vs Airbnb: Reach and Getting Bookings

PadSplit is quickly growing across 18+ cities, with 6,200+ coliving units and housing 14,000+ people.

They focus on providing affordable housing solutions for low-income workers, aiming to empower them financially.

Meanwhile, Airbnb hosts offer diverse spaces, from shared rooms to unique stays like private islands. They cater to different traveler preferences with entire places, private rooms, hotels, and shared spaces, attracting a broad range of guests, especially younger travelers.

PadSplit vs Airbnb: Host Protection Insurance

PadSplit Host Insurance This site ensures hosts have protection by requiring property and general liability insurance. They offer contact details for insurance companies they partner with to help you find a policy suitable for your needs.

Airbnb Host Insurance It provides $1 million in coverage through AirCover for Hosts. This coverage applies if you’re found legally responsible for a guest’s injury or property damage during their stay. It includes bodily injury, damage or theft of a guest’s property, and damage in common areas. However, it doesn’t cover intentional acts or damage to your own belongings by guests, which is covered separately by Host damage protection.

Hosting Tip! We recommend you get insurance in addition to what the listing site offers. Insurance gives you extra protection and peace of mind if something unexpected happens.

Check out our guide on the best insurance options for more information. You can also get a quote from Proper Insurance for comprehensive vacation rental coverage.

PadSplit vs Airbnb: Cancellation Policies

PadSplit allows cancellations until 8:00 pm EST the day before move-in, with refunds based on cancellation time. Members unsatisfied with their room can request a free transfer or refund on move-in day. They also get a free transfer within 14 days of the first move-in.

On Airbnb, canceling within 48 hours or after check-in incurs a 50% fee for the remaining nights. Between 48 hours and 30 days before check-in, the fee is 25% of the reservation amount.

PadSplit vs Airbnb: Host Customer Support

Reviews for the customer service on both platforms vary, but both offer extensive FAQs to assist users before reaching out for support.

Overall, PadSplit tends to receive better reviews for customer service, although this might be influenced by the userbase differences between the platforms.


Understanding the differences between PadSplit and Airbnb is key for hosts. Factors like fees, accommodation types, guests, cancellations, and customer service shape your hosting. Consider these to make informed decisions.

If you like clear fees, try PadSplit. For more accommodation variety and a global reach, go for Airbnb. Use a channel manager to list on both for better exposure, and you can also check our guide for more options on the best listing sites.

If you’re renting out a vacation property, you could create your own website and let people book directly with you. With some smart marketing and search engine optimization, and by using the right property management tools, you can avoid the fees charged by online travel agencies and rely less on those platforms.

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