Pinterest Marketing for Vacation Rentals

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Pinterest is the least ‘social’ of the social media platforms, but it drive a ton of traffic to your website.

Basically a giant visual search engine, Pinterest is where people go to find all kinds of ideas. This includes ideas for travel, vacation planning, and home improvement and interior design.

While most of your pins will see almost no traction (in our experience), a few pins will get a ton of saves and clicks over time.

Here’s how to use Pinterest for the best results:

  • Create relevant boards.
  • Pin your blog posts and resources.
  • Share your Instagram images.

Your success on Pinterest will come from putting out lots of different pins, seeing which ones work, and producing more of those. It can feel a bit random, so it’s important not to be discouraged. A handful of good pins on Pinterest can end up driving a ton of traffic to your website.

Get creative and see what other ideas you can add to your content marketing strategy to share on Pinterest.

This post is part of our social media marketing for vacation rentals series, which is part of our vacation rental marketing guide. Check out our other helpful resources for Airbnb hosts.

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