PriceLabs Alternatives & Competitors [2024]

Looking for PriceLabs alternatives? We’re sharing several competitors that are worth checking out.

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If you’re looking for tools like PriceLabs to help set the best prices for vacation rentals and short-term stays, there are many options out there. PriceLabs is great for managing rental prices, but there are other tools that might fit your needs better. 

We’ll look at the top PriceLabs alternatives, showing you what makes each one special. 

Whether you’re new to renting out your place or you’ve been doing it for a while and want more features, this guide will help you find the right tool for your budget and needs.

Beyond Pricing vs PriceLabs

Beyond is the pioneering tool for Airbnb pricing, consistently ranking as a top choice. They’ve broadened their scope to include additional vacation rental management functions, aiming to evolve their platform into a more integrated vacation rental management system.

  • More Features – Get access to additional vacation rental management software features like their channel manager (Relay), direct booking website builder (Signal), Comp Sets and search data.
  • Get $5000 in Free Bookings

We’ve written an in-depth PriceLabs vs Beyond guide to help you decide which one is best for your vacation rental needs.

Visit Beyond to learn more.

Wheelhouse vs PriceLabs

Wheelhouse specializes in dynamic pricing, serving property managers focused on optimizing their pricing strategies. It’s ideal for managers who either don’t require a channel manager or are already using a compatible system. Wheelhouse distinguishes itself by including sophisticated features that adjust prices according to market trends and demand predictions, with the goal of boosting users’ revenue.

The platform is dedicated to offering cutting-edge pricing technology, positioning itself as a top selection for managers wanting to apply data-driven approaches to pricing. Wheelhouse reduces the complexity associated with dynamic pricing, presenting a compelling solution for improving rental pricing strategies effectively.

  • Flexible Pricing Plans  – You have the option to choose between getting charged 1% of revenue (which is the same as PriceLabs) or opting for a flat fee of $19.99/listing/mo. Volume discounts are also available.
  • More Advanced Dynamic Pricing Features  – Has a laser focus on improving their dynamic pricing features (like their Competitive Sets feature)

Visit Wheelhouse to learn more.

Read our complete Wheelhouse review.

AirDNA vs PriceLabs

AirDNA Smart Rates helps you determine the best nightly rate for your property by analyzing current market data, your hosting objectives, and what your competitors are charging.

They provide various pricing options, including conservative, balanced, or aggressive, tailored to your preferences for risk and occupancy levels.

The system automatically modifies rates in response to seasonal changes, holidays, and local events that could influence bookings.

Additionally, you can use the AirDNA MarketMinder to access analytics and data specific to your location.

  • “Free Forever” Subscription – Get free access to estimate rental revenue, future occupancy & trends, pricing strategy, market research, and compare similar properties.
  • Cheaper – AirDNA is priced at $15 per month and offers different pricing strategies, such as conservative, balanced, or aggressive, depending on your risk tolerance and desired occupancy rate
  • Integrations – Currently only integrates with Airbnb (You’ll need Futurestay to integrate with other channels)

Visit AirDNA to learn more.

Rategenie vs PriceLabs

Rategenie comes with smart features that update your prices to help you earn more money based on current demand and what’s happened in the past.

You can set your own rules for when to lower prices or offer deals and when to raise them, making sure each of your properties is priced just right. Rategenie uses smart technology to help manage these prices effectively.

It also gives you tools to see how your rentals are doing, with simple charts and the ability to change prices every day. Plus, you get access to important information about prices in your area.

  • Mobile App Available – Take advantage of Rategenie’s mobile app, packed with key features for on-the-go management.
  • Integrated with Webready – Rategenie is integrated with Webready, which allows you to build a direct website with just a few clicks
  • Free Trial – Offers a 15-day trial period for new users.

Visit Rategenie to learn more.


If you’re looking for alternatives to PriceLabs, we usually recommend Beyond, Wheelhouse, and AirDNA.

Each offers distinct vacation rental pricing and management features, catering to various needs. We hope our list has helped you find the right pricing tool for your vacation rental.

For more recommendations, check out our list of the best Airbnb pricing tools to maximize your profits with dynamic pricing.

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