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Thinking of trying out PriceLabs for your vacation rental? We’re sharing our PriceLabs review to help you decide if it’s the right one for you!

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Are you struggling to navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of vacation rental pricing? 

As a vacation rental owner, the challenge of setting the right price for your property can feel like a high-stakes guessing game. 

With market conditions that fluctuate wildly due to seasonal trends, local events, and global economic shifts, finding that pricing sweet spot can seem elusive.

This is where PriceLabs steps in to transform the way you approach pricing strategy. But is it the right tool for your vacation rental? In this PriceLabs review, we delve into its key features, pricing, pros and cons to see if its the ideal choice for your needs.

What is PriceLabs?

PriceLabs was introduced with a pilot launch in Chicago in 2014, setting a precedent for dynamic pricing solutions in the short-term rental market. By early 2015, the platform had launched globally, establishing a significant presence. 

By 2023, PriceLabs had cultivated a global team across 15 countries, serving customers in over 100 countries on all six continents, indicating its widespread acceptance and utility in the dynamic pricing domain.

The foundation of PriceLabs is built on the extensive experience of its founding team, who brought together diverse expertise from their previous roles. This includes engineering backend systems for online travel distribution at Orbitz, developing large-scale revenue management systems at United Airlines, and directly managing Airbnb properties. 

Complementing this operational expertise, the data science team at PriceLabs consists of individuals with advanced degrees, including PhDs and master’s, highlighting the company’s emphasis on employing rigorous data analysis to drive pricing strategies.

How Does It Work?

PriceLabs applies data analytics to assess historical and current booking data, generating detailed pricing recommendations. This tool distinguishes itself by enabling Airbnb owners to automatically update their listings with prices that reflect current market conditions, considering various factors that affect pricing and demand. 

Furthermore, PriceLabs ensures that pricing strategies stay current through daily automated updates.

Connecting to PriceLabs is straightforward for Airbnb owners, facilitating easy access to its features. 

Beyond the sophisticated algorithm that drives its pricing recommendations, PriceLabs offers users the ability to modify these suggestions based on their own market knowledge and investment objectives. This flexibility allows for a more customized approach, enabling owners to align the tool’s capabilities with their specific business strategies. 

PriceLabs stands out as a comprehensive solution in the competitive landscape of short-term rental pricing, providing a strategic edge through a balance of automated efficiency and user-directed customization.

PriceLabs Key Features

Dynamic Pricing Tool

PriceLabs’ Dynamic Pricing Tool provides automated rate adjustments by analyzing market data and individual listing performance. This feature is powered by the Hyper Local Pulse algorithm, designed to accurately reflect local market conditions. 

You can easily integrate your properties from platforms such as Airbnb, VRBO, or various Property Management Systems (PMS) into PriceLabs through a simple, one-step process.

Portfolio Analytics

The Portfolio Analytics feature offers a real-time reporting system that highlights crucial vacation rental Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and detailed performance data for each listing. 

It is available at no additional cost for property managers using platforms like Stays, 365 Villas, 24 Bed, Avantio, etc.

Woman using laptop

It provides insights into key business metrics, including monthly revenue and average length of stay. Additionally, it allows you to compare pricing and occupancy trends with broader market data via the Market Dashboard.

Market Dashboards

Market Dashboards give users access to data and insights for short-term rental properties across the globe, highlighting current trends in the market. With a starting price of $9.99 per month, these dashboards include automated reporting tools for thorough market insights and analysis.

Breakthrough Release

The recent Breakthrough Release introduces more than 20 new features, with the Hyper Local Pulse (HLP) algorithm being a significant addition. This algorithm enhances dynamic pricing capabilities by providing:

  • Performance Metrics: Offers real-time insights into listing performance.
  • Smart Presets: Allows for customizable settings that adapt to specific pricing strategies and market conditions.
  • Desktop App: A convenient and easy-to-use application for managing pricing strategies from a desktop.
  • Team Management: Facilitates collaboration among team members with features designed for team use.
  • Intelligence: Automates decision-making processes to reduce manual intervention.
  • Analysis: Helps users evaluate listing performance swiftly to inform decision-making.
  • Workflow: Improves operational efficiency through streamlined processes.
  • Data Access: Offers access to comprehensive data sets for in-depth market analysis.

Together, these features provide property managers and owners with advanced tools to refine their pricing strategies, improve operational efficiency, and increase revenue through data-driven decisions.


PriceLabs provides a structured pricing model that caters to a wide range of needs, from single property owners to large-scale property management firms. 

The service includes a 30-day free trial for its Dynamic Pricing Tool, allowing you to assess its full range of features without initial cost.

Subscription Plans:

  • Market Dashboards: Subscriptions start at $9.99 per month, granting access to global data and insights for short-term rental properties
  • Portfolio Analytics: $0 per month
  • Dynamic Pricing:
    • USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel: Pricing is $19.99 USD per listing per month, offering tailored support and features for these regions
    • Brazil: Pricing for Brazil is set at 47.50 BRL per listing per month, making the service accessible to the local market
    • Rest of the World: For other countries, the service is available at $9.99 USD per listing per month, providing worldwide access to PriceLabs’ dynamic pricing solutions

Pricing Options:

You have the option to choose between fixed or percentage-based pricing, depending on your business model and preferences. This flexibility ensures that the pricing strategy can be customized to meet your specific needs.


  • Customer API Usage Charges: If you need to connect PriceLabs data with external systems through APIs, there is an additional fee of $1 per listing per month
  • Additional Sync Per Day: For more frequent updates to your booking channels, you can opt for an additional daily sync at an extra $1 per listing per month

Pros & Cons


  • 30-Day Free Trial: Allows you to explore the platform without financial commitment
  • Integration Capabilities: Compatible with over 100 Property Management Systems (PMS) and Channel Managers, offering wide-ranging integration options
  • Desktop App: Provides a convenient and accessible desktop application
  • Smart Presets: Enables customization of your pricing strategy based on market dynamics and personal insights
  • Customer Service: Recognized for excellent support
  • Multi-Platform Integration: Facilitates listing integration across three major rental platforms, improving operational efficiency


  • Information Density: The complexity of graphs and data presentations might be overwhelming, attempting to display too much information on a single graph, which could lead to potential confusion

PriceLabs Reviews

PriceLabs has garnered a strong reputation and favorable ratings across various review sites within the vacation rental industry. With consistently positive feedback from its users, PriceLabs is recognized for its user-friendly interface, powerful pricing algorithms, and responsive customer support. Here are just some of them:

PriceLabs Alternatives

When considering dynamic pricing solutions for vacation rentals, PriceLabs stands out for its comprehensive features and global reach. 

However, two notable PriceLabs alternatives are Wheelhouse and Beyond Pricing, each with distinct focuses and offerings.


Wheelhouse emphasizes enhancing dynamic pricing capabilities above all. This platform is particularly suitable if you’re not looking for a channel manager or if you’re already using one that integrates with Wheelhouse. 

Their commitment to constantly introducing advanced features makes Wheelhouse an attractive option for those prioritizing sophisticated dynamic pricing tools.

Read our complete Wheelhouse review.

Beyond Pricing

Beyond Pricing offers a blend of basic vacation rental management software features alongside its dynamic pricing solutions. This includes channel management through Relay and a direct booking website builder named Signal. 

However, it’s important to note that utilizing the website builder effectively requires a separate Property Management System (PMS) integration. Despite this caveat, Beyond Pricing’s feature set is robust and continues to grow, offering comprehensive tools for vacation rental management.

Here’s our Beyond Pricing review and a side-by-side comparison between Wheelhouse vs Beyond Pricing.


If you’re a vacation rental owner or manager aiming to optimize your pricing strategy while enhancing operational efficiency, PriceLabs presents a compelling solution. It’s suited to hosts who want a data-driven approach to dynamic pricing, seamless integration, analytics, and flexible pricing options.

The graphs and data presentations might get overwhelming at first but it’s not a major deal breaker. You can also check out Wheelhouse and Beyond Pricing for alternatives.

You can start with the 30-day free trial to explore PriceLabs’ features and commit once you’re ready.

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