PriceLabs vs Beyond Pricing – Side-by-Side Comparison of Dynamic Pricing Tools

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A dynamic pricing tool like PriceLabs or Beyond Pricing offers one of the best ways to maximize your profits from your Airbnb or vacation rental business. We’ve created a side-by-side comparison of Price Labs and Beyond Pricing, two of the best dynamic pricing tools on the market, to help you decide which one is better for you.

This PriceLabs vs Beyond Pricing comparison covers the pricing, features, and customer support of both platforms. Both platforms are legitimate, established, and used by a large number of satisfied customers, so which you choose will come down to your specific preferences and requirements.

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PriceLabs vs Beyond Pricing: An Overview

Beyond is the original Airbnb pricing tool, and it remains one of the best options available. They have recently expanded their offerings into other, related vacation rental management features, and they appear to be working on making their platform into more of a comprehensive vacation rental management system.

PriceLabs has historically been a great choice for larger property management companies, due to its bulk adjustment options and 0% fee pricing structure. They also have an impressive number of integrations, including most of the options on our list of best vacation rental channel managers.

Both Beyond Pricing and PriceLabs are reputable companies, and they both offer a service (automated, dynamic pricing) that can increase your Airbnb or vacation rental profits while making your life easier.

Pricing Plans

PriceLabs logoBeyond Pricing logo
$19.99/listing/mo. Volume discounts apply.1% of revenue. Learn more about their pricing model.

Winner: It depends

When considering the best pricing model for your property management company, it’s important to take into account your revenue and the number of listings you have.

PriceLabs has historically been the go-to for larger property management companies with multiple listings and lots of bookings, as they offer volume discounts and don’t take a percentage of revenue.

However, it’s worth noting that Beyond also offers bulk adjustment options, providing an alternative for those who may find it more suitable.

Note: If you prefer the flat fee pricing structure, we recommend taking a look at Wheelhouse as well. Check out our Wheelhouse vs Beyond Pricing comparison for more info.


PriceLabs logoBeyond Pricing logo
Dynamic Pricing – Set base, min, and max prices, and more, and get optimized nightly rates.Dynamic Pricing – Set base, min, and max prices, and more, and get optimized nightly rates.
Market Insights – Get access to market and performance data. No paid account required.Market InsightsGet access to market and performance data. No paid account required. View data.
Integrations – 50+ including Airbnb, Vrbo, and several PMS platforms.Integrations – 50+ including Airbnb, Vrbo, and several PMS platforms.
Revenue ManagementRevenue Management – Get personalized help from a team of experts. Learn more.
Channel ManagerChannel Manager – Automatically sync reservations across OTAs like Airbnb and Vrbo. Learn more.
Booking website✔️ Booking website – *Requires a separate PMS. Learn more.

Winner: Beyond Pricing

While PriceLabs has just as many integrations (which may be the deciding factor depending on which PMS or other vacation rental software you’re using), Beyond Pricing has additional vacation rental management features to their platform.

With Beyond Pricing, you can get access to additional vacation rental management software features like their channel manager (Relay) and a direct booking website builder (Signal). They also offer access to Comp Sets and search data to help you price your vacation rental property.

This can give you an edge by providing competition analytics and smarter insights on how to price your property. It’s worth noting that the website builder requires a separate PMS integration, but that said, Beyond Pricing definitely has a robust, expanding feature set.

If these extra features aren’t important to you (or if you’re already using software that makes these features redundant), then the features of PriceLabs and Beyond Pricing are fairly evenly matched.

Customer Support

PriceLabs logoBeyond Pricing logo
5.0 Customer Support rating on Capterra – Email and live chat4.7 Customer Support rating on Capterra – Email and live chat

Winner: PriceLabs

PriceLabs has a slightly higher rating from reviews than Beyond Pricing for customer support, but not by much.

Both PriceLabs and Beyond Pricing have excellent customer support via email and live chat. There are very few complaints of poor customer service from either PriceLabs or Beyond Pricing, and most of the reviews that mention it report positive experiences getting help using the software.

With Beyond Pricing, you do have the option to hire their team of experts to personally manage your pricing. You can read more about Guidance, which is a personalized revenue management service offered by Beyond Pricing.

Conclusion – Should You Use PriceLabs or Beyond Pricing?

Both PriceLabs and Beyond Pricing are excellent pricing tools that help you maximize your profits from your Airbnb or vacation rental business.

The biggest difference is the pricing structure and a few features.

Beyond Pricing charges you a rate of 1% of revenue. This is a reasonably affordable rate, and it easily pays for itself with the increased bookings revenue you can expect using a dynamic pricing tool.

Beyond Pricing also offers additional vacation rental management features, which may or may not be important to you, depending on the software you’re currently using.

Instead of a free trial, Beyond offers new users their first $5,000 in bookings for free (as a $50 credit).

With PriceLabs, you get a flat fee ($19.99/mo for 1 listing) with volume discounts for more listings. This can mean a significantly lower monthly price if you have lots of listings and bookings. If this pricing structure is appealing to you, we recommend taking a look at Wheelhouse, which also offers a flat fee pricing structure. Check out our Wheelhouse vs Beyond Pricing comparison for more details.

Hopefully, this PriceLabs vs Beyond Pricing comparison has helped you get a better sense of which dynamic pricing tool is best for you. If you have experience with PriceLabs, Beyond Pricing, or another pricing tool, let us know in the comments!

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