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Thinking of trying out Rategenie for your vacation rental? We’re sharing our Rategenie review to help you decide if it’s the right one for you!

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Is it actually possible to manage your short-term rental rates effortlessly while maximizing profits? Let’s explore the reality of this claim together. 

As a savvy business owner, you’re always on the lookout for tools that can optimize your operations. Rategenie, a platform designed for dynamic pricing and revenue optimization, promises just that. 

Stay with us as we delve into its features, pricing, pros and cons, and what new aspects they’re bringing in. There’s potential for you to uncover a game-changer for your rental business.

What is Rategenie?

Rategenie is a pricing management tool that’s part of the Tokeet ecosystem. It allows you to seamlessly manage and optimize your rental property rates across multiple channels. This tool is designed with advanced rate strategies and dynamic pricing features, giving you real-time insights for maximizing profits.

Rategenie makes pricing adjustments based on occupancy and historical trends. You can customize pricing rules for discounts and increases, tailoring rental rate settings for each rental property. The utilization of flexible algorithms and pricing controls is also an impressive aspect of Rategenie.

In addition, Rategenie provides revenue optimization tools. You can track rental performance through intuitive graphs and utilize powerful pricing tools for daily price adjustments. The access to vital analytics for the local rental market is another major plus.

What’s more, Rategenie offers a 15-day trial period, allowing you to explore features like Automata, Signature, and Webready. They also offer 24/7 customer support for any assistance you might need.

How Does It Work?

To get started with Rategenie, you’ll first need to set up your rate strategies on the Strategies page. This involves creating tailored rate strategies and adding rules based on factors like historical trends and occupancy. With your strategies in place, you’ll assign them to your rentals, allowing Rategenie to generate rates accordingly.

Next, you’ll select a default rate strategy, which will be used for any rentals without a specifically assigned strategy. This streamlines the rate management process, especially when dealing with multiple rentals.

Updating your rental rate settings is done on the Rates page. Here, you can fine-tune rates and override matching fields in your strategy with specific settings. After making changes, allow a few minutes for rates to be updated.

One crucial aspect of Rategenie is market data confirmation for your rental locations. You’ll need to ensure that all necessary market data is available for your rentals as it influences your rates.

Lastly, you’ll set up rate mappings and synchronization for pushing rates to various channels. You can manage synchronization at the listing, rental, and account levels, so you have full control over rate updates.

Rategenie Key Features

Let’s now turn our attention to Rategenie’s key features. You’ll find that this platform offers flexible dynamic pricing, an accessible mobile app, and seamless integrations. You can also preview its functionality before making the commitment.

Flexible Dynamic Pricing

Harnessing the power of Rategenie, you can effortlessly manage your entire inventory’s rates across all channels in real-time. 

With its flexible dynamic pricing feature, you’re not just reacting to market trends, you’re anticipating them. The tool uses advanced algorithms that adjust your prices based on a variety of factors, such as historical data, occupancy, and even local events. 

You can tailor your pricing strategies to maximize profits, whether it’s discounting rates during off-peak seasons or hiking them up during high-demand periods. Rategenie’s intuitive dashboard equips you with rich market data for informed decision-making. 

With simple calendars and charts, navigating through your pricing strategies becomes a breeze. So, take control of your rental business’s profitability with Rategenie’s dynamic pricing.

Mobile App

While managing your rental business’s profitability with Rategenie’s dynamic pricing, don’t forget you can also take advantage of their mobile app, packed with key features for on-the-go management. It’s accessible on both iOS and Android, providing you with full functionality that’s comparable to the desktop version. 

You can view your rates calendar, manage rate strategies, analyze market data, and monitor channel listings, all from the palm of your hand. The app’s design offers easy navigation, enhancing your productivity by enabling remote rate management. 

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Best of all, there are no additional fees for the mobile app. So, whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the move, Rategenie’s mobile app ensures you’ve got powerful rate management software at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.


In your journey to optimize rental rates, Rategenie’s seamless integrations with industry-leading vacation rental partners become a crucial asset. This feature ensures that the rates displayed are accurate across all channels. Rategenie is continuously adding new integrations, expanding its ability to interface with a diverse range of platforms. You’re also encouraged to suggest additional integrations, further tailoring your experience. With official API connections, these integrations operate seamlessly, letting you focus on managing your properties.

Rategenie’s partnership with Webready is another great example. Webready allows you to create professional websites easily, enhancing your online presence. These integrations simplify your workflow, making Rategenie an essential tool in your short-term rental management solutions arsenal.


Building on these integrations, let’s take a closer look at some of the key features offered by Rategenie. This platform enables you to manage rates for your entire inventory across all channels easily. 

It offers real-time insights for maximizing profits and automatic price synchronization with Airbnb and other channels. It’s equipped with an intuitive dashboard and rich market data for informed decision-making. 

Furthermore, Rategenie allows for the creation of tailored rate strategies quickly and the customization of pricing rules for discounts and increases. It’s also equipped with powerful revenue optimization tools and a 15-day trial period for new users to explore its features. 

Rategenie also integrates with HotelAvailabilities for rate synchronization and features a block dates option with Hold Events.


USA, Canada, Europe & Other Countries – $15.99/month (for the first listing)

All Other Countries – $8/month (for the first listing)

*Offers discounts for 2 listings and above

15 days trial (no credit card required)

Pros & Cons

Now, let’s move onto the pros and cons of using Rategenie. Like any product, it has its strengths and weaknesses. It’s important for you to weigh these factors before deciding if it’s the right tool for your rental management needs.


Diving into the advantages, Rategenie stands out with its robust dynamic pricing features, advanced rate strategies, and revenue optimization tools. It offers real-time insights, allowing you to maximize profits while managing rates across all channels effortlessly. 

The platform’s advanced rate strategies provide tailored pricing adjustments based on occupancy and historical trends, while revenue optimization tools enhance your rental performance with powerful metrics and market data.

Rategenie also offers a 15-day trial period, giving you ample time to explore features like Automata, Signature, and Webready. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with platforms like HotelAvailabilities, Beds24, and Uplisting for rate syncing. 

And let’s not forget their exceptional customer support, available round-the-clock to assist you. With these impressive pros, Rategenie indeed makes short-term rental rate management a breeze.


However, it’s also crucial to consider some of the challenges that might arise while using Rategenie. While its dynamic pricing features are robust, they can also be complex, especially for beginners. It might take some time to fully understand and effectively utilize these features. Additionally, Rategenie’s pricing might be a bit steep for smaller businesses or individual property owners.

The mobile app, although convenient, lacks some of the desktop version’s functionality. Another potential downside is Rategenie’s limited integration with other vacation rental platforms. 

While it syncs well with popular platforms like Airbnb, compatibility with less common platforms is not guaranteed. Lastly, customer support, while generally responsive, can sometimes be slow, particularly during peak hours.

Rategenie Alternatives

Now that we’ve thoroughly reviewed Rategenie, let’s consider some alternatives that might also suit your needs. 


PriceLabs is recognized for its customizable pricing strategy, offering users the ability to adjust settings to meet their specific needs. It stands out for its flexibility, providing detailed market analytics and a broad range of customization options. This makes it a preferred choice for those who desire a more active role in their pricing management strategy.

The platform’s strength lies in its market analytics, which supply users with essential insights for strategic decision-making. With its extensive customization features, PriceLabs allows property managers to develop a pricing strategy that is responsive to market trends and reflective of their business model, making it an effective tool for those who prioritize detailed control over their pricing.

Head on to our PriceLabs review to check out if it’s for you.

Beyond Pricing

Beyond Pricing integrates essential vacation rental management features with its dynamic pricing solutions. It offers channel management through Relay and a direct booking website builder called Signal. 

These features are designed to simplify operations and improve property visibility across various channels, potentially leading to increased bookings.

However, it’s important to note that leveraging the full potential of the Signal website builder requires integrating a separate Property Management System (PMS). This might add complexity for some users. 

Despite this, Beyond Pricing’s suite of features is comprehensive and continues to evolve, providing a solid foundation for managing vacation rentals effectively. Its combination of dynamic pricing with key management features makes Beyond Pricing a useful tool for property managers looking to streamline their operations.

Learn more in our in-depth Beyond Pricing review.


Wheelhouse focuses on dynamic pricing, catering to property managers who prioritize pricing optimization. It’s particularly suitable for those without the need for a channel manager or who already use a compatible one. Wheelhouse’s platform stands out by offering advanced features designed to adjust prices based on market data and demand forecasts, aiming to maximize revenue for users.

The platform is committed to providing the latest in pricing technology, making it a preferred choice for managers seeking to employ data-driven strategies for pricing. Wheelhouse simplifies the complexity of dynamic pricing, making it an attractive option for enhancing rental pricing strategies efficiently.

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So, you’ve seen what Rategenie has to offer from its dynamic pricing features to its seamless integrations and mobile accessibility. It’s clear that this platform is designed to take the stress out of pricing your vacation rentals and maximize your revenues.

With its powerful metrics and intuitive user interface, Rategenie makes it easy for you to make informed pricing decisions based on real-time market trends. The platform’s flexibility is one of its key strengths, allowing you to customize your pricing strategies and adjust them on the fly as conditions change.

Rategenie’s seamless integrations with major rental platforms ensure your prices are consistently updated across all your listings, reducing the risk of inconsistencies and missed opportunities. Plus, with their mobile app, you can manage your pricing strategies from anywhere, anytime.

In conclusion, Rategenie could be a game-changer for your rental business. Its dynamic pricing, advanced strategies, and real-time insights make managing rates a breeze. The trial period and seamless integrations are icing on the cake. 

It has its pros and cons. If you’re not into the Tooket ecosystem, we recommend trying Beyond Pricing or Wheelhouse as alternatives.

If you’re still on the lookout, head on over to our best pricing tools post for our top recommendations.

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