Rent like a Champion vs Airbnb: Which Is Better For Hosts? [2024]

Our comparison between Rent Like a Champion and Airbnb aims to simplify this decision-making process for hosts. Discover the key differences in this comprehensive guide.

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Are you a host grappling with the Rent Like a Champion vs Airbnb dilemma? Wondering which platform will skyrocket your rental success?

You’re not alone. Every host faces this crucial choice.

Rent Like a Champion or Airbnb? It’s a decision that can make or break your hosting journey.

Discover the key differences in our comprehensive guide. Our comparison between Rent Like a Champion and Airbnb aims to simplify this decision-making process for hosts. 

We’ll break down the unique features, costs, reach, insurance coverage, cancellation policies, and customer support of each platform to help you make an informed choice that aligns with your hosting goals.

Can You List on Both Rent Like a Champion and Airbnb?

Absolutely! You can list your rental on both Rent Like a Champion and Airbnb. This boosts visibility and could get you more bookings. But handling both might lead to double bookings.

To avoid this, try a channel manager. It syncs calendars, keeping availability consistent and reducing double bookings. Check our calendar sync article for simple guidance on this!

What is Rent Like a Champion?

Rent Like A Champion began in 2006 as a student housing company. Its founders listed a vacant apartment for weekend rentals during football games on Craigslist and eBay. Notre Dame fans quickly booked it, leading to a new business idea. By 2010, Mike Doyle joined, expanding to other college towns with big football programs. 

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb started in 2007 when two hosts welcomed three guests to their San Francisco home. Since then, it has expanded to over 4 million hosts who’ve accommodated more than 1.5 billion guest arrivals worldwide. Each day, hosts offer distinctive stays and experiences, enabling guests to authentically connect with communities.

Rent Like a Champion vs Airbnb: An Overview

Let’s compare Rent Like A Champion and Airbnb to understand their unique features and how they differ in providing accommodation experiences.

Comparison PointRent Like A ChampionAirbnb
Costs For HostsFree listing with a service fee of 17.9%Covers marketing, $1M insurance, and supportGuests pay the cost plus a 6-12% guest feeHosts receive the accommodation price minus a 3% fee
Reach and Getting BookingsTargets college football fans, hosts 50,000+ guests during game weekendsOffers diverse spaces appealing to various travelers, reaching a broad demographic
Host InsuranceHolds $1,000 deposit, provides $1M coverage for property damageOffers $1M coverage for guest injuries or property damage through AirCover
Cancellation Policy50% refund if canceled 60 days before, non-refundable within 60 days.50% fee for late cancellations, 25% fee between 48 hours and 30 days before check-in.
Customer ServiceHas extensive FAQsGenerally rated higher (3.5/5 stars)Has extensive FAQsHas low ratings (1.3/5 stars) for customer service

Rent Like a Champion vs Airbnb: Costs for Hosts

Let’s dive into the costs for hosts on Rent Like A Champion and Airbnb.

Rent Like A Champion Fees – Listing your property on Rent Like A Champion is free! When you’re paid for each rental, a service fee of 17.9% is charged. This fee covers marketing expenses to attract renters, a $1 Million Dollar insurance policy for your property, and access to on-demand support.

Airbnb Fees – Guests pay the advertised cost plus a guest service fee ranging from 6-12%, determined by the listing’s price, which goes to Airbnb. Hosts receive the accommodation price minus a 3% host service fee.

If you prioritize a straightforward fee structure and want marketing costs and insurance included in the service fee, Rent Like A Champion might suit you. However, if you prefer a flexible fee system that separates guest service fees from host service fees, Airbnb could be a better fit.

Rent Like a Champion vs Airbnb: Reach and Getting Bookings

Rent Like A Champion caters specifically to college football fans, providing quality and affordable housing during game weekends in towns with prominent football teams. This fills a significant gap in lodging availability during these events, enhancing the football experience for fans across the country, with over 50,000 guests hosted.

In contrast, Airbnb hosts offer diverse spaces, including shared rooms, private rooms, entire places, and even unique accommodations like private islands. It encompasses a wide range of lodging options appealing to various travelers, reaching a diverse demographic, especially appealing to younger audiences.

Rent Like a Champion vs Airbnb: Host Protection Insurance

Rent Like A Champion Host Insurance – When guests book, they agree to a renter contract holding them accountable for any damages. They place a $1,000 hold on the renter’s credit card and have a damage protection policy covering homeowners up to $1 million in liability or property damage, with $5,000 content protection.

Airbnb Host Insurance Offers hosts $1 million in coverage for guest injuries or property damage through AirCover. It includes bodily injury, damage or theft of guest property, and damage to common areas. However, intentional actions and certain damages to your property by guests aren’t covered.

Hosting Tip! We recommend having additional vacation rental insurance despite the coverage offered by these platforms. Your personal insurance can provide extra protection and peace of mind in unforeseen situations. 

For detailed information and to explore the best vacation rental insurance options, take a look at our guide. Alternatively, for comprehensive vacation rental coverage, you can request a quote from Proper Insurance to ensure comprehensive protection for your rental property.

Rent Like a Champion vs Airbnb: Cancellation Policies

Rent Like A Champion‘s cancellation policy allows a 50% refund if a contract is terminated at least 60 days before the reservation date. However, reservations canceled within 60 days of the reservation date are non-refundable. The 2.9% credit card fee is non-refundable as the company cannot recover that cost.

On Airbnb, cancellations made within 48 hours or after check-in incur a 50% fee for the remaining nights not stayed. For cancellations between 48 hours and 30 days before check-in, the fee amounts to 25% of the reservation amount.

Rent Like a Champion vs Airbnb: Host Customer Support

Both platforms offer extensive FAQs to assist users before reaching out to customer support. While there are mixed reviews, Rent Like A Champion generally receives better ratings (3.5/5 stars) for customer service compared to Airbnb (1.3/5 stars). However, these ratings might be influenced by the user base of each platform.


The choice between Rent Like a Champion and Airbnb hinges on your specific hosting needs and preferences. If you’re targeting college football fans and prefer a straightforward fee structure, Rent Like a Champion is your go-to. For a broader audience and a more flexible fee system, Airbnb stands out.

Remember, listing on both platforms can maximize your visibility but requires careful management to avoid double bookings.

If you’re renting out a vacation property, you could create your own website and let people book directly with you. With some smart marketing and search engine optimization, and by using the right property management tools, you can avoid the fees charged by online travel agencies and rely less on those platforms.

Ultimately, your decision should align with your rental goals and the unique experiences you wish to offer. Pick the platform that fits your hosting needs. For more options, check our guide on the best listing sites.

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