10+ Smoobu Website Examples [2024]

Smoobu’s website builder offers a clean and sleek website for your vacation rental. Check out what their Smoobu-built websites look like and how you can get the most out of their widgets and tools!

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Learn how to build your own direct booking website here!

Smoobu is a great budget vacation rental property management software choice for many rental owners and managers, and the software includes a reliable website builder. In this article, we’ll explore what you’ll get from Smoobu’s website builder and also take a peek at some Smoobu-built sites as examples.

Smoobu Website Builder

There are several reasons why creating your own vacation rental direct booking website is a great idea if you’re running one or more vacation rental properties: you can take control of your brand and marketing strategies, stand out from the rest of the market, and, most importantly, take commission-free direct bookings. 

If you’re already using Smoobu to manage your short-term and vacation rental properties, their website builder is worth checking out. 

Smoobu Website Builder Features

Smoobu’s website builder comes as part of their basic plan ($26.10/month). You’ll get access to all the basic website-building tools, widgets, and API integration tools you need. 

Smoobu Website Builder Features

Just like OwnerRez’s website builder, Smoobu’s native website builder has a pre-built template that provides limited customization options. This is great for rental property owners and managers who have little to no programming or web development technical knowledge. All you have to do is fill in some description fields, upload photos of your rental property, and you’re good to go.

This simplicity isn’t necessarily a bad thing—a Smoobu-built site is clean and still does the job of highlighting your properties and taking direct bookings. The pro of using the Smoobu website builder is that you can get the most of the available widgets and features.

Smoobu Example Websites

Vacation rental sites built with the Smoobu website builder all have pretty much the same look: a sleek, simple layout that gives adequate space for you to highlight your properties, what you offer, and a dedicated space for a map, availability calendar, and direct booking page. 

The straightforward design is clean enough that you won’t fumble around building or navigating the site. For you, this could be a huge plus, since you won’t have to worry much about how your site looks. For your guests, they get all the info they need at a glance, and it’s easy for them to explore your site and properties for a potential booking. 

You can also link your Smoobu website to a separately-purchased domain so that you can still feature your brand while having a Smoobu-built site. Learn how to add your Smoobu site with your own URL domain here.

Here are some examples of vacation rental sites that are made with Smoobu’s own website builder:

1. Daviot Luxury Pods

Daviot Luxury Pods features a very straightforward website highlighting their vacation rentals in the Inverness area, United Kingdom.

Template: Smoobu pre-built design

2. Ferienhaus Mountain View

The famed holiday region of Pyhrn-Priel of Austria is well highlighted in the Smoobu-built Ferienhaus Mountain View website. 

Template: Smoobu pre-built design

3. VILLA EUGENIA Bed & Breakfast

The VILLA EUGENIA Bed & Breakfast Smoobu website captures the beauty of Via di Montenero in the Province of Livorno, Italy, and what you’ll get when you book one of their properties. 

Template: Smoobu pre-built design

Sites with Smoobu Widgets

If you want more control over how your website looks in order to build a stronger presence, then you can create your site on platforms like Squarespace and WordPress and integrate Smoobu’s widgets. That way, you’ll still get the most of the backend booking and management features of Smoobu. 

Here are some sites that are built on other website platforms and incorporate Smoobu widgets: 

4. Julian Cabins

The Julian Cabins site is built with WordPress. Viewers are greeted with a video banner featuring the attractions, activities, and properties in Julian, California. The site uses Smoobu to manage their bookings by incorporating the availability and booking engine widgets.

Built with: WordPress+Smoobu widgets

5. Ostsee-Gutshaus

The Ostsee-Gutshaus site features vacation rental properties located near the Baltic Sea. The site seamlessly integrates Smoobu booking and calendar widgets that go along with the look of their site.

Built with: Duda+Smoobu widgets

6. Wonder Apartments Madrid

The Wonder Apartments Madrid site greets visitors with wonderful views of the very heart of Madrid. You can book a stay in their featured properties using the Smoobu widgets on their site. 

Built with: WordPress+Smoobu widgets

7. Higueron Home Manager & Rentals

The Higueron Home Manager & Rentals website cleanly incorporates Smoobu widgets that actually go along perfectly with the look and theme of their website. This proves that with a little tweaking, you can customize how Smoobu widgets end up looking on your site when it goes live. 

Built with: WordPress+Smoobu widgets

More Sites Using Smoobu

Here are other sites that are built with the Smoobu website builder or use Smoobu’s widgets and tools for their site:

8. Beachside Units AU
9. Bed and Coffee France
10. Bocacangrejo Rentals
11. Cara Rentals
12. Family Kreuz Residence
13. Kretscham Tauchritz in Germany

Create a Smoobu Website

You can try out Smoobu’s website builder with their free 14-day trial to see if you like the look and feel of their site. Check out their user guide on creating your own Smoobu vacation rental website to get started.

We at Floorspace can also help you build your own vacation or short-term rental website (with Smoobu widgets if you want)! Get in touch with us here if you want to explore building your website with us!

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