25+ Squarespace Real Estate Website Examples & How to Create Your Own

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Squarespace is an increasingly popular website builder for real estate professionals. Realtors, brokers, property management companies, and a wide range of other real estate professionals choose to use Squarespace for their real estate websites.

We’ve compiled a list of some Squarespace real estate website examples, which you can use to get ideas and inspiration for creating your own.

We’ve also included a list of our recommended Squarespace real estate templates, and some information to help you create your own Squarespace website for your real estate business.

Squarespace Real Estate Website Examples

1. At Home Real Estate

At Home - Squarespace Real Estate Website
URL: athomemoscow.com

The At Home Real Estate website makes good use of photography, website copy, and custom branding to create an effective real estate website. They link to their Keller Williams website for their current listings.

This site is custom designed, but you can try starting with the Colima template to create a similar homepage layout.

2. Kyla Johns

Kayla Johns - Real Estate Website built with Squarespace
URL: kylajohns.com

Kyla Johns has created a minimal, beautiful real estate website by letting the property photography do the work. There are also links to MLS listings via IDX Broker. Here’s more info on adding IDX pages to Squarespace.

You can create a similar homepage layout using the Bailard template.

3. Ryder Realtor®

Ryder Realtor - Squarespace Real Estate Website
URL: ryderrealtor.com

The Ryder Realtor website homepage uses an image filter effect that you can easily apply to any Squarespace website.

4. Adam Stewart, Realtor®

Adam Stewart - Squarespace Real Estate Website
URL: adamstewart.ca

The Adam Stewart, Realtor® website makes excellent use of the Bryant (v 7.0) template. It’s thoughtfully designed, well-organized, and has lots of photo and video content. It also has an embedded chat widget, powered by Drift.

5. Cat Gomes

Cat Gomes - Real Estate Agent Website - Squarespace
URL: catgomessellshomes.com

Cat Gomes makes it easy to schedule a showing or an appointment right on the homepage with a Squarespace scheduling form. The website features a lot of helpful information about buying and selling homes, as well as listing pages with lots of photography and property details.

6. Rainey Allen Shaw Realtors

Rainey Allen Shaw Realtors - Squarespace Real Estate Website Integrate with IDX Broker
URL: raineyallenshaw.com

The Rainey Allen & Shaw Realtors website uses the Bryant template (v 7.0) and integrates extensively with IDX Broker.

7. Gary Glass Estates

Gary Glass Estates - Squarespace Real Estate website
URL: garyglassestates.com

Gary Glass Estates has a simple, effective website, with header links to pages for listings, a property valuation lead magnet, and an embedded MLS search (which is powered by theMLS.com).

8. Conrad Rygier

Conrad Rygier - Squarespace Real Estate website
URL: hireconrad.com

The Conrad Rygier website includes a range of links with an extensive amount of content around real estate for buyers, sellers, renters, and has a contact form on each listing page for interested parties to get more information.

9. Laura Lee Sold

Laura Lee Sold - Squarespace Real Estate Website
URL: lauraleesold.net

The Laura Lee Sold website has several pages with a lot of helpful content. The website links to their Coldwell Banker Realty website for individual listings and listing search.

10. Robinson Leech Real Estate

Robinson Leech - Squarespace Real Estate Website

The Robinson Leech Real Estate website uses the Five template (v 7.0), and included individual pages with details and photography for each property listing.

11. Martini Company Real Estate

Martini Company - Squarespace Real Estate Website
URL: martinicompany.com

The Martini Company Real Estate website also appears to be using the Bryant template (v 7.0). They have pages with photography and details for each listing, and a Squarespace contact form for those interested in buying, selling, or finding out how much their property is worth.

12. Parkway Real Estate Co.

Parkway - Squarespace Real Estate Website
URL: parkwayrec.com

Parkway Real Estate Co. is another example of a Squarespace real estate website that integrates with IDX Broker. They have a listings search powered by IDX Broker at the bottom of their homepage, but chose not to have a dedicated listings page.

You can create a similar homepage layout using the Bailard template.

13. Estate Office Shoreditch

The Estate Office Shoreditch - Squarespace Real Estate Website
URL: estateoffice.com

The Estate Office Shoreditch uses custom illustrations and a blog to make their website feel more like an online magazine. The listings pages have property details and photography, as well contact information for individual agents and links to the responsible real estate agency.

14. Lakeside Real Estate

Lakeside - Squarespace Real Estate Website
URL: comolakesideblog.com

This website is a blog used by Lakeside Real Estate to post travel tips, real estate insights, and other content of interest to their potential clients. It links to their main website on the About page, where you can find their listings and services.

15. Silverstar Realty

Silverstar Realty - Squarespace Real Estate website
URL: silverstarrealtyca.com

The Silverstar Realy website integrates with Apex IDX by RealtyTech to provide a listings search and featured listings. They’ve also embedded their Facebook page on their About and Contact pages to encourage social media engagement.

Note: Scroll to the the bottom of this post for a running list of more Squarespace real estate website examples.

Squarespace Real Estate Templates

If you want to give Squarespace a try for creating your own real estate website, then getting started is easy. You can choose a template, start a free trial, and start adding your content immediately.

Here are a few helpful tips and things to keep in mind.

The Best Squarespace Real Estate Templates

Squarespace has several templates in their Real Estate & Properties category, and here are some of the best ones we recommend using.

Some of these templates are better suited to certain real estate professionals (e.g. realtors, brokers, title insurance and escrow companies, mortgage brokers, appraisers, interior designers and staging experts, etc.), and we’ve included a recommendation for which businesses might choose to use each template.


Palermo Squarespace Template - Real Estate Listings

Palermo is designed for a single real estate listing. It’s perfectly set up to create a website for an individual real estate listing. If you have multiple listings, you can simply duplicate the page and add the photos and details for your additional properties.

Best for: Real estate agents and brokers


Cailles is designed to display multiple real estate listings. It’s best suited for realtors, brokers, and anyone who needs to add real estate or property listings to their website.

Best for: Real estate agents and brokers


Sellwood - Squarespace Real Estate Template

Sellwood is a simple single-page website template that you can use to collect email address, add contact info, and even link to your MLS listings on an external platform or website.

Best for: Real estate agents and brokers


Bergen - Real Estate & Interior Design Squarespace Template

Bergen is perfect for home staging experts, interior designers, and other related service professionals. This template can also easily be adapted for use by realtors and brokers by swapping out the ‘Projects’ for ‘Listings’ and adding your individual listings.

Best for: Staging experts and interior designers


Bailard - Squarespace Real Estate Website Template

Bailard is a versatile, all-purpose website template that can be used for a wide range of businesses and organizations. This flexibility and lack of real estate listing pages makes it a good candidate for other real estate professionals like title, mortgage, and escrow companies, as well as appraisers and other related real estate businesses.

Best for: Title, mortgage, escrow, appraisal, and other real estate businesses

Choosing a Squarespace Real Estate Template

When choosing a Squarespace template for your real estate website, remember that it’s easy to change the colors, fonts, and photography. Try to focus more on the layout and page structure, rather than the styles like fonts, colors, or photography.

You can, of course, change the layout and page structure (and you will often need to in order to create your unique website). But the more closely the template’s layout and pages resemble what you ultimately want, the more quickly you’ll be able to set up your website.

Squarespace recently updated their templates, so many of the examples in the list below use the now outdated (but still supported) v 7.0 templates. All the templates we recommend above are the newer v 7.1. Read this Squarespace blog post for more information.

How to Add MLS Search & Listings to Your Website

If you are a real estate agent or broker in the US, you can display MLS listings on your Squarespace website an IDX provider like IDX Broker, Ultimate IDX, Apex IDX, Displet, Diverse Solutions, and others. IDX (Internet Data Exchange) is a way to access and display MLS listing information.

There are just two steps:

  1. Add a Squarespace code block where you want to display the MLS search or property listings
  2. Paste the code provided by your IDX provider

And that’s it. MLS search or listings will now be displayed on your Squarespace website. Check out these Squarespace instructions for more on how to add an MLS search.

Depending on your IDX provider, there may be some issues with mobile responsiveness, since most providers use an ‘iframe’ to display listings. It’s best to double check your website on a mobile phone, or check that your IDX provider offers mobile-friendly

This video explains more about integrating IDX Broker and Squarespace.

A couple other things you’ll want to consider are a contact form (which is a built-in feature in Squarespace), and a CRM integration. Check that your CRM can be integrated with Squarespace contact forms.

Get Started with Squarespace

If you want to give Squarespace a try for your real estate website, you can get started by choosing a template and starting a free trial. Then you’ll just need to add your content, integrations (like an IDX provider or CRM), and a custom domain.

You can try out Squarespace risk-free with a 14-day free trial.

Here’s a running list of more Squarespace real estate websites we come across. Let us know of any others in the comments!

  1. trentnader.com
  2. rent-buy-thailand.com
  3. insiderprojects.com.au
  4. iconicrei.com
  5. goingstreetcommons.com
  6. makingmodernhome.com
  7. thevoreisteam.com
  8. rmre-inc.com
  9. kotherep.com
  10. askandrewrealestate.com
  11. foleyteam.com
  12. devinarthurs.com/listings

And here are some other Squarespace websites in real estate related industries.

Title & Escrow Companies: arizonaescrowofficer.com, dreamfinderstitle.com, cincinnatustitle.com, escrows-inc.com, quality-escrow.com, robinsontitle.com, rhtitle.com,

Appraisal Companies: tcappraisers.com, j2cv.com

Staging Experts & Interior Designers: charismahomestaging.com, designanddwellinteriors.com, brilliancehomestaging.com, thenesthomestagingandredesign.com, starfishhomestaging.com, lenkodesign.com, jeanhuanginteriors.com, llstagingandredesign.com, qthomestaging.co.nz, nohomestagers.com, thealtdesignstudio.com, pickleandboard.com

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