The 9 Best Squarespace Templates for Your Vacation Rental Website

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While there’s no Squarespace template category specifically for Airbnbs or vacation rentals, there are several templates that can be easily modified to create a website for your Airbnb or short-term rentals.

You’ll find most of these Squarespace vacation rental templates in the Property and Real Estate category, but you can also find templates in others in categories like Local Business or even Photography.

Here are the best Squarespace templates we recommend for your Airbnb or vacation rental website:

  1. Suffolk – Bed & breakfast website template
  2. Cailles – Template for multiple real estate listings
  3. Palermo – Template for a single real estate listing
  4. Sellwood – Single landing page
  5. Colima – Template for yoga and other related studios
  6. Barbosa – Boutique hotel website template
  7. Utica – Architecture firm website template
  8. Bergen – Interior design / staging services website template
  9. Bailard – All-purpose template for organizations and businesses

We’ve covered each of these templates in more detail below, along with some tips and ideas for how you can modify and use them for your own vacation rental website.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, and we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

How to Choose a Squarespace Template

When choosing a Squarespace template, keep in mind that the colors, fonts, and photography are easy to change. So it’s best to choose a template based on the layout and pages, rather than based on fonts, colors, or photography.

The layout and page structure can also be changed, of course, but it requires more thought and work. The closer the layout and pages are to what you want, the faster you’ll be able to create your own website.

All the templates we recommend here are the new Squarespace v 7.1 templates. Because the v 7.1 templates are relatively new, many of the website examples in our list of examples of Squarespace vacation rental websites use the outdated (but still supported) v 7.0 templates.

We recommend using the newer v 7.1 templates, but you can read this Squarespace blog post for more information.

The Best Squarespace Vacation Rental Templates

1. Suffolk

Squarespace Vacation Rental Website Template - Suffolk

Suffolk is actually designed for boutique hotels and bed & breakfasts (hence the ‘Rooms & Rates’ page), but it’s one of the closest you’ll find to an actual vacation rental template from Squarespace. Its predecessor Maple was used by a lot of Squarespace vacation rental websites like The Cobb Haus and many others.

The fact that it’s such an obvious choice means it can be somewhat overused. If you want something a bit more unique, you may choose to avoid this template and opt for one below.

Keep in mind, though, that by changing even just the colors and fonts (which is very easy to do), you can quite drastically change the appearance of your website from the default.

2. Cailles

Cailles is designed for real estate agents and brokers to showcase their real estate listings. So it lends itself very well to showcasing multiple vacation rental properties. Or you can remove all but the first property on the homepage, if you only have one property.

You can simply swap out the listings content with the photos and details of your different properties, and change the “Schedule a Viewing” and “Contact us” buttons to say “Book Now” and point to your Airbnb listings or to your direct booking website.

3. Palermo

Palermo Squarespace Template - Real Estate Listings

Palermo is designed to create real estate listing websites. If you manage just one Airbnb or vacation rental, you can simply replace the listing photography and details with your own, and change the “Apply Now” button to be a “Book Now button that links to your booking method of choice.

If you have multiple vacation rental properties, you might consider creating a separate homepage that links to all the different property listings.

4. Sellwood

If you want a simple website that’s minimal work to set up, Sellwood is about as simple as it gets. It’s designed for real estate agents, and it’s just a single landing page with a full-screen photo background and some text.

You can swap out the email form in for a “Book Now” button that links to your Airbnb, Vrbo, or other listing, and add your Instagram, Facebook, or other social media accounts to the header menu.

5. Colima

Colima - Squarespace Vacation Rental Template

If you like the look of Sellwood, but you need a full, multi-page website, then Colima is a good option. While it may not look like a vacation rental website, you can easily adapt it to become one.

Simply replace the yoga photography with pictures of your property, replace the “Upcoming Classes” section with “Our Properties” (or whatever makes sense for your website), and point the booking button to your direct booking website or Airbnb listings.

6. Barbosa

Squarespace Vacation Rental Website Template - Barbosa

Barbosa features a simple, modern website layout. It has pages like “Photos” and “Amenities” that are perfectly suited to creating a direct booking website for your vacation rental, bed and breakfast, or boutique hotel.

The “Book Room” page is perfect for adding links to your Airbnb or direct booking website. Or you can choose to remove this page altogether and link directly to your booking options from the “Book Room” button.

7. Utica

Utica is a template designed for architecture firms and related studios, but you can use it for your Airbnb or vacation rentals by replacing the content in the “Projects” on the homepage with your properties or rooms, the content on those pages with details and a link to booking, and the “Press” page content with guest reviews.

8. Bergen

Bergen is designed for interior designers and other service businesses, but it can easily be adapted to showcase your short-term rental properties. You can change the ‘Projects’ pages to be individual properties or rooms (depending on whether you have multiple properties or just one).

9. Bailard

Bailard - Squarespace Vacation Rental Template

Bailard is an all-purpose Squarespace template. It lends itself well to a variety of website types, including short-term rentals. Its predecessor Bedford has also commonly been used for a lot of vacation rental websites. Clarkson is a similarly all-purpose Squarespace template with a slightly different layout.

Other Squarespace Templates to Consider

Here are a few other Squarespace templates that can fairly easily be adapted for use as a vacation rental website. Some of these might require just a little more imagination and customization to transform them into what you need.

  • Eldridge – Replace the coffee menu with a list of amenities or information about the area.
  • Iduma – Replace the “Menu” page with information about your property.
  • Sackett – Easily add reviews from your guests. Replace the services with amenities or information about the area.
  • Pazari – Don’t let the fact that this is a photography portfolio website deter you. If you have lots of beautiful property photography, and you don’t want to bother with a lot of website copy, Pazari is a great template choice.
  • Falodu – Another photography portfolio website that can be used to great effect if you want to showcase your property’s photography.

Getting Started

Getting started with Squarespace is easy. You simply choose a template, start a free trial (14 days), and replace the photography and other content with your own. You can even create multiple websites in order to try out a few different templates, and then only pay for a subscription for the winning template.

Be sure to check the Squarespace promo codes page for any current discounts (or use FLOORSPACE10 for 10% off), and start your free trial.

If you’d like some inspiration, check out our list of Squarespace vacation rental website examples.

And if you want help creating a custom Squarespace website for your vacation rental, contact us for a quote.

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