20+ Squarespace Vacation Rental Website Examples

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Here's how to build your own direct booking website.

Need some inspiration and ideas for your Squarespace vacation rental website? We’ve scoured the web for some of the best ones out there. Where possible, we’ve also included the Squarespace template in use, so you can easily create a similar website yourself.

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Squarespace Vacation Rental Websites

Here are some of the best Squarespace vacation rental websites we could find, for your inspiration. We’ve included the template when we could identify it (or similar templates), to help you choose a Squarespace vacation rental template for your own website.

1. Hinter

Hinter Vacation Rental Website - Squarespace + Uplisting
Website URL: hinter.com

Hinter’s website is a great example of using Squarespace with a third-party booking engine. They have a beautiful website front, and they link to their Uplisting account to handle direct bookings.

2. Rent Nosara

Rent Nosara - Squarespace + Lodgify Direct Booking Website
Website URL: rentnosara.com

Rent Nosara is another beautiful example of a Squarespace website integrating with a third-party booking engine. In this case, they’ve embedded a direct booking form from Lodgify. We covered how to do this in more detail in this post.

3. Bees Nees

Bees Nees - Vacation Rental Website built with Squarespace + Lodgify
Website URL: beesnees.com

The Bees Nees website is another beautiful example of using Squarespace and Lodgify. They use lots of photography, and have lots of information about their properties and their business. And for bookings, they have “Reserve” buttons that link to their Lodgify booking pages. It’s a simple, beautiful, effective website.

4. River Cabaan

Website URL: rivercabaan.com

A beautiful, minimal Squarespace website with large photography and a fun color scheme. It appears to be built on the Artesia template.

5. The Cobb Haus

Website URL: thecobbhaus.com

The Cobb Haus website is a great example of a Squarespace template that looks great out of the box. You can use the Maple template to quickly and easily create a website similar to this one.

6. Hale Pono

Website URL: bookhalepono.com

A minimal, black-and-white website to showcase these beautiful Hawaiian properties. You can easily achieve this look with the Barbosa template.

7. Leaping Lamb Farm

Website URL: leapinglambfarm.com

Leaping Lamb Farm has a simple, minimal website. The ‘Check Availability’ button links to another website for direct booking.

8. Cottage on the Corner

Website URL: cottageonthecorner.com

Cottage on the Corner uses a beautiful Squarespace template and links to their Airbnb listings through the ‘Book a Stay’ buttons. This website is another example of the Maple template in use.

9. Upstate Getaways

Website URL: upstategetaways.com

This is a beautiful, minimal Squarespace website that simply links to their individual Airbnb listings for bookings. You can easily create a similar-looking website with the Bailard template or others.

10. Paradise Found

Website URL: paradisefoundstg.com

This website is quite minimal and focuses on their blog posts. It also links to another website to handle direct bookings.

11. La Casa Blanca

Website URL: casablancabaja.com

La Casa Blanca has helpful pages like their Explore The Neighbourhood page and others. They also have a calendar page to show availability.

12. DeCoudie Beach House

Website URL: decoudiebeachhouse.com.au

This beautiful website features 3 different ways to book: Airbnb, VRBO, and direct through their contact form.

Note: This list of Squarespace vacation rental website examples continues at the bottom of this post.

Create Your Own Squarespace Vacation Rental Website

Squarespace is a great choice for creating your own vacation rental website or property management website. And it can be as easy as choosing a template and adding your property photos and descriptions.

Most of these websites in this list use a template from the Real Estate & Properties category, but there are many more templates you can choose from.

Check out our post on the best Squarespace vacation rental templates.

And if you want to add direct bookings to your Squarespace site, you can easily add a booking engine like Lodgify or Uplisting. Or you can just point them directly to your Airbnb or VRBO listings. Check out our posts on the best vacation rental website builders, and integrating Lodgify with Squarespace.

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Additional Resources

Want to create your own vacation rental website using Squarespace? Here are some resources to help you get started.

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Below is a running list of additional Squarespace vacation rental websites, which we’ll add to as we come across more great examples. Know of any other great vacation rental websites built with Squarespace? Let us know in the comments!

  1. thegalenagetaway.com
  2. aquamarinebeachvillas.com
  3. daydreamrentals.com
  4. campyavapines.com
  5. happyowllakehouse.com
  6. forestgardenyurts.com
  7. marciescabin.com
  8. modernluxebrokenbow.com
  9. tropicshoresapartments.com
  10. watermarkcarp.com
  11. thecliffs.house
  12. warmwelcomestays.com
  13. sabistays.com

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