Lodgify vs. OwnerRez – Side-by-Side Comparison of Vacation Rental Management Software

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An Overview of Lodgify – Features, Pricing, & Our Review

Lodgify is a vacation rental management software best known for its direct booking website builder. With Lodgify, you can easily create your own website to take direct bookings, and sync those bookings with other channels like Airbnb and Vrbo. In this post, we’re going over the main features, pricing plans, and our overall Lodgify review, Read more

How to Design a Vacation Rental Website For More Bookings

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How to Build Your Own Direct Booking Website in 2021

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How to Use Lodgify & Squarespace to Create a Direct Booking Website

Squarespace is the website builder of choice for many because of their beautiful templates and intuitive website builder features. But if you want to create a direct booking website for your vacation rental, you’ll need to integrate a third-party booking engine like Lodgify. Combining the vacation rental management features of Lodgify with a Squarespace website Read more

20+ Lodgify Websites (with Examples of Each Template)

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OwnerRez Overview – Features, Pricing, and Our Review

OwnerRez is a vacation rental software company that has been quietly growing a very committed user base over the last several years. This is largely thanks to their advanced automation features, customizable and inexpensive pricing, and their friendly and responsive customer support. Features like their Quickbooks integration or their Property Management feature (where you can Read more

Top 5 Best Vacation Rental Website Builders

As the vacation rental market becomes more and more competitive, having your own website is an excellent way for your properties to stand out online. A direct booking website can also increase your profit margins (by removing booking fees from the equation), and give you independence from OTAs like Airbnb and VRBO. Fortunately, it’s never Read more

How to Add Your Airbnb Calendar to Your Website

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