Touch Stay Alternatives: Welcome Books for 2024

A glimpse into the future of hosting with digital welcome books - discover the cutting-edge Touch Stay alternatives revolutionizing guest experiences.

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Picture this: 2024, and you’re handing your guests the key to not just your property, but an entire digital realm of information and resources tailored to maximize their stay. This isn’t a dream but the reality of digital welcome books, the next evolutionary leap from the conventional physical welcome books.

They’re sleek, efficient, and versatile, offering a bouquet of features from check-in instructions to personalized recommendations. Curious about what the future hosts for you as a host? 

Let’s unlock the door to the leading Touch Stay alternatives available today.

What is Touch Stay?

If you’re constantly fielding the same questions from your guests or looking to enhance your guest’s experience, Touch Stay is a digital guidebook designed to streamline your business and provide your guests with all the information they need before, during, and after their stay. 

It’s a digital guidebook that can transform your guest’s smartphone into their personal concierge. No more pesky paper maps or guidebooks; Touch Stay provides interactive maps and virtual tours right at your guest’s fingertips.

Equipped with local recommendations for the best restaurants, attractions, and hidden gems in the area, your guests won’t miss a thing during their stay. But it’s not just about the destination. Touch Stay believes that personalized content enhances the guest’s experience, and you have the freedom to customize the content to reflect your unique brand and offerings.

Imagine this: Your guests arrive, and instead of bombarding you with questions, they’re exploring the neighborhood using your interactive map, chatting with locals at your recommended coffee shop, and planning their day with your virtual tours. That’s the power of Touch Stay. A seamless, personalized, and engaging guest experience is just a tap away.

Best Touch Stay Alternatives

Looking for the best alternatives to Touch Stay?

Let’s explore a few remarkable options like Hostfully, RueBaRue, and Airbnb Guidebook.

These platforms can enhance your rental business by providing efficient, user-friendly digital welcome books, ensuring your guests have an exceptional stay.


As an alternative to Touch Stay, Hostfully’s digital guidebook offers unique features that can revolutionize your hosting experience. It stands out amongst hostfully alternatives as a comprehensive digital solution for property management.

It’s perfect for vacation rentals, allowing you to create personalized experiences for your guests. This guidebook eliminates the need for repetitive Q&As, offering self-check-in and even generating PIN codes for door locks. You can upsell services, recommend local attractions, and provide essential information, all in one place.

This leads to more 5-star reviews and repeat guests. Hostfully also keeps pace with the times, being optimized for any device. So, if you’re seeking a modern twist to traditional welcome books, Hostfully’s digital guidebook is a game-changer.

Compared to Touch Stay, Hostfully has an AI Itinerary Planner that generates personalized itineraries based on your guests’ preferences and the specifics of their stay.

It also has a Referral Revenue feature that can help you add your referral links to your guidebook, and with every click that leads to a booking, you earn.


Diving into the pool of Touch Stay alternatives, you’ll find RueBaRue, a top-notch digital guidebook that brings a fresh perspective to your hosting experience. This digital solution enables you to revolutionize property management, enhancing guest experience through personalized content. With RueBaRue, you can manage travel trends and cater to the ever-evolving demands of your guests.

RueBaRue’s features make it a breeze to create a tailored experience for each visitor. You can easily answer repetitive questions, recommend tours and activities, and enable self-check-in. By offering such a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate digital guidebook, you’ll find yourself earning more 5-star reviews and repeat guests. With RueBaRue, you’re not just managing a property, you’re curating an unforgettable experience.

Compared to Touch Stay, RueBaRue offers an Automatic Distance Calculation from your vacation rental to all the places in your guide to help your guests decide whether they want to bike, walk, or drive.

Airbnb Guidebook

Another Touch Stay alternative is Airbnb’s Guidebook. This platform harnesses the power of digital transformation for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It allows you to curate local recommendations, adding a personal touch to your guests’ experience. The customization options drive guest engagement, as you can tailor your guidebook to each visitor’s preferences.

Airbnb guidebook

Communication is made simple with Airbnb’s Guidebook, allowing you to effortlessly answer queries and provide valuable insights. The innovation doesn’t stop there, the guidebook can be easily updated and accessed on any device, providing a seamless guest experience. 

However, although Airbnb’s integrated guidebook is user-friendly and easy to generate, it lacks the comprehensive features offered by other digital guidebooks. 

Compared to Touch Stay, Airbnb’s Guidebook offers no multimedia, and no house rules or instructions. It’s less easy to share with your guests, no automatic upsells and it’s tied to Airbnb.

DIY Alternatives

Looking for a more hands-on approach to your welcome book?

You’ve got a few DIY alternatives that could be just your style.

Consider creating a physical guidebook, a downloadable PDF, using tablets or electronic photo frames, making a video guide, or setting up a dedicated website page.

Physical Guidebooks

In contrast to digital options, physical guidebooks offer a do-it-yourself alternative that can still enhance your guest’s experience. With customizable options, you can craft a guide that reflects your style and the unique features of your property.

You can create an interactive experience, incorporating things like scavenger hunts or quizzes about the local area. A personal touch can really make a difference, whether it’s handwritten notes or recommendations based on your own experiences.

Vacation Rental Guidebook: Here’s How to Create One

Local insights can give guests an insider’s view, and creative designs can make your guidebook not just useful, but also a memorable keepsake. So, don’t underestimate the power of a physical guidebook to enrich your guest’s stay.


For those who prefer a hands-on approach, creating your own digital guidebook in a PDF format can be an effective and customizable alternative to traditional methods. With custom templates, you can design your interactive PDFs to your liking, creating personalized content that truly reflects your brand.

Here’s the bonus – your guests can access your guidebook offline, so they’ll never be left without essential information, even in areas with poor internet connectivity.

Not only does this DIY alternative offer a high degree of customization, but it also allows for user feedback. This means you can continually refine your guidebook based on your guests’ experiences and suggestions, ensuring that it’s always tailored to meet their needs.

Tablets or Electronic Photo Frames

While PDFs offer a handy offline solution, you might also consider using interactive tablets or digital frames as an innovative approach to DIY guest guidebooks. These modern solutions provide a visually engaging and interactive experience that can be tailored to your guests’ needs.

With tablets, you can create customized content, including welcome messages, property details, and local recommendations. The touchscreen interface makes navigation a breeze, enhancing the user experience.

On the other hand, digital frames can display beautiful images of your property or surrounding attractions, adding a personalized touch to your guest’s experience.

Both options allow for easy updates and changes, ensuring your guidebook stays relevant. So consider these alternatives for a unique, modern, and engaging way to welcome your guests.

Video Guide

Diving into the realm of video guides provides an innovative DIY alternative that can elevate your guest experience to new heights. These guides create an interactive experience, boosting user engagement as guests navigate through personalized recommendations and local insights.

With customization options, you can incorporate your branding into the guide, creating a unique and memorable experience for your guests.

Video guides also offer accessibility features and a user-friendly design, making them accessible to a vast range of users. The integration possibilities with your existing systems ensure a seamless experience for both you and your guests.

Whether it’s highlighting local attractions or suggesting insider tips, video guides provide a dynamic, engaging way of sharing information. Harness the power of this technology to enhance your hospitality business.

Website Page

Just as video guides have revolutionized guest experiences, creating a dedicated website page as a DIY alternative can also provide your guests with a treasure trove of useful information.

With interactive experiences, your guests can navigate through customized content, finding personalized recommendations that enhance their stay. Your user-friendly design ensures easy access to this wealth of knowledge, fostering a seamless guest experience.


This year, the future of hospitality is digital, and it’s time you embraced it. With Touch Stay alternatives, you can streamline your hosting duties, boost guest satisfaction, and increase your revenue.

So, why not explore these innovative platforms? They’re fully optimized for all devices and promise a game-changing guest experience.

Remember, a more efficient and personalized service means more 5-star reviews and repeat guests. The hospitality revolution is here, are you on board?

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