Touch Stay Review [2024]: Details, Features & More

A revolutionary digital guidebook platform, Touch Stay is transforming guest management in property management - find out how!

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Imagine slashing your guest management time in half, boosting guest experience, and effortlessly customizing your content in multiple languages. And with a QR code generator for quick access to boot. 


Touch Stay offers this more, but is it the right tool for you? In this guide, we’re going to take a look at Touch Stay’s features, benefits, pricing, and why it’s a game-changer in the property management landscape.

What is Touchstay?

Touch Stay is a service that offers digital guidebooks designed to enhance the guest experience for various types of accommodations, including homes, hotel rooms, glamping tents, RVs, and more. 

These digital guidebooks, created by Andy McNulty and Joe Jones in response to their frustrations with unclear communication during their travels, aim to provide clear, accessible information to guests. 

Touch Stay’s guidebooks are customizable to a brand’s specific colors, logo, font, photos, videos, and content, delivered in an app-like format for easy guest use.

They are touted as eco-friendly, easy to create, and intuitive for guests, making them a versatile tool for hospitality providers to communicate effectively with their guests and reduce the need for repeated questions

Touch Stay Features

Diving into the world of Touch Stay is like unlocking a treasure chest of tools designed to elevate the guest experience to unprecedented heights.

Let’s walk through each feature, showcasing how they blend innovation with intuitive design, ensuring every interaction is a breeze for hosts and a delight for guests.

Easy Content Creation

Creating the perfect digital guidebook with Touch Stay isn’t just easy; it’s practically a walk in the park. Picture this: a platform where you can sprinkle your recommendations and essential information across your guidebook in just a few steps.

But it doesn’t stop there. The power of brandable design is at your fingertips, allowing you to weave in your logo, fonts, and brand colors, crafting an experience that feels uniquely you.

And because we’re living in a multimedia world, Touch Stay enables you to enrich your guidebook with images, virtual tours, and videos, transforming plain text into an immersive journey. Select your template, then drag and drop your information into place. 

With the ability to customize the layout and design, you’re not just sharing details; you’re crafting an experience. Personalization takes center stage, allowing that human touch to shine through tailored content that speaks directly to each guest.

Email Capture

In today’s digital age, connection is everything. Touch Stay’s email capture feature isn’t just about gathering names, emails, and phone numbers.

It’s a gateway to building lasting relationships with your guests, offering a direct line to share updates, offers, and essential information that can enhance their stay and keep them coming back for more.

Email & Text Messaging

Communication is key, and with Touch Stay, it’s also a breeze. 

Schedule and automate your email and text messaging, ensuring your guests receive timely, relevant information without you having to lift a finger after setup. This seamless integration of communication tools means every guest feels attended to and informed, from booking confirmation to check-out reminders.

3rd Party Embeds

Imagine a world where your digital guidebook becomes a hub of endless possibilities. 

With Touch Stay, that world is a reality. Embed forms for feedback, playlists for ambiance, payment capture for convenience, and so much more. This feature transforms your guidebook into an interactive experience, enhancing your guests’ stay with every click.

PMS Integrations

Efficiency is the name of the game, and Touch Stay plays it well with robust PMS (Property Management System) integrations. Connect your accounts to streamline operations and ensure a smooth experience for both you and your guests. 

With compatibility that spans across Hostaway, Airbnb, Lodgify, Guesty, OwnerRez, and more, your guidebook becomes a powerful extension of your operational toolkit.

Easy to Share

Forget about cumbersome app downloads; Touch Stay thrives on simplicity and accessibility. Your guidebook works on any device, ensuring every guest can access it with ease. 

The cherry on top? A QR code generator that makes sharing as simple as a scan, opening up a world of information in an instant.

Extra Features

But why stop there? Touch Stay goes beyond the basics with extra features designed to dazzle. 

  • Offer your guidebook in multiple languages, opening your doors to a global audience. 
  • Leverage upsells, embeds, and data capture to not only enhance the guest experience but also to gather invaluable insights. 
  • And with the ability to track usage and feedback, you’re always in the loop, continuously refining your offerings to meet and exceed guest expectations.

Touch Stay Pricing

Curious about how much Touch Stay will cost you after the free trial? The pricing structure is simple, transparent, and worth every penny, considering the benefits you’ll enjoy.

Touch Stay costs only $12.50 per month per property and offers all the basic features. But that’s not all. Touch Stay believes in the value of its product and offers volume discounts. The more properties you have, the more you save.

Payment is flexible, too. You can choose to pay monthly or annually, depending on what suits you best. And remember, there’s a 14-day free trial to test the waters before you commit. 

Touch Stay Alternatives

While Touch Stay offers robust features, it’s essential to consider alternatives like Hostfully and RueBaRue. Each offers unique benefits that may better suit your needs. Let’s explore these options to ensure you’re making the most informed decision for your property management.


If you’re on the lookout for alternatives to Touch Stay, Hostfully might be a great choice, providing a range of digital guidebook services that can enhance both your guest management and their overall experience. 

Hostfully’s platform is user-friendly and customizable, making it easy to share important property info and local recommendations. Their guidebooks can be accessed on any device, with no need for your guests to download an app.

What sets Hostfully apart is its focus on personalization, allowing you to cater to your guests’ individual needs and preferences. 

Plus, their analytics feature can help you track usage and gather valuable feedback. With Hostfully, you’re not just managing your guests, you’re enhancing their stay, which can lead to higher satisfaction ratings and repeat bookings.


Diving into the pool of Touch Stay alternatives, you’ll find RueBaRue, a remarkable platform that offers a unique blend of digital guidebook services to elevate your guest management game. 

This tool is designed to streamline your workflow, offering you a chance to create personalized travel guides that can be shared with your guests easily.

RueBaRue stands out with its interactive map feature, which allows guests to visualize and plan their trips better. You’ll also appreciate the ability to include local recommendations, enriching your guests’ stay with an authentic experience. 

Furthermore, its multi-lingual support ensures a seamless experience for guests worldwide. If you’re seeking a solution that combines efficiency, personalization, and innovation, RueBaRue could be the fresh alternative you need to enhance your guest management practices.

Should You Use Touch Stay? Our Recommendation

When choosing a digital guidebook service, it’s crucial to weigh up the pros and cons. Touch Stay has a plethora of impressive features, but is it the right fit for you? Let’s discuss the benefits and potential drawbacks to help you make an informed decision.

Touch Stay Pros

Considering the multitude of benefits and features that Touch Stay offers, it’s a smart choice for any business looking to streamline guest communication and enhance the overall guest experience. 

Its digital guidebooks not only reduce guest inquiries but also provide an enhanced guest experience. The easy customization and organization of content make it a user-friendly option.

Furthermore, Touch Stay’s multilingual support and usage tracking tools are standout features that can greatly benefit your business. It’s also a breeze to share information with guests, as no app downloads are needed. 

Plus, their customer support is highly commendable, offering a community for advice and helpful tips.

With a free 14-day trial available, you can experience these benefits firsthand and see how Touch Stay can be a game-changer for your business.

Touch Stay Cons

While Touch Stay offers a plethora of advantages, it’s important to also delve into its potential drawbacks to ensure it’s the right fit for your business needs. 

One of the primary concerns is that it might be challenging if you’re not tech-savvy. The setup, although quick, requires a certain degree of technical knowledge. 

The customization process can be a bit overwhelming for beginners. Another potential issue is the lack of an offline mode. 

This means that if your guests don’t have internet access, they won’t be able to access the guidebook. Lastly, while it supports multiple languages, the translation may not be perfect, which could lead to misunderstandings. 

Always weigh these considerations before deciding whether to integrate Touch Stay into your operations.

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