Touch Stay vs Hostfully Digital Guidebooks: Side-by-Side Comparison

Touch Stay vs Hostfully Digital Guidebooks: which one is the right tool for you? We’re sharing a side-by-side comparison in this post.

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Having a hard time choosing between Touch Stay vs Hostfully digital guidebooks? You’re not alone.

Choosing the right digital guidebook can help you save time, get more 5-star reviews, and make more money. To help you choose, we’ve put together this side-by-side comparison so you can make an informed decision based on your needs.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Why Should You Creat a Digital Guidebook?

As an Airbnb host, creating a guidebook like the ones offered by Touch Stay or Hostfully Digital Guidebooks can significantly enhance the guest experience and benefit you in several ways:

Enhanced Guest Experience – Providing guests with a comprehensive guidebook enhances their overall experience by offering valuable information about the property, local attractions, restaurants, transportation options, and house rules.

Personalization – Customizing the guidebook allows you to tailor recommendations to your property’s location and your guests’ preferences, helping them make the most of their stay.

Improved Communication – A digital guidebook serves as a centralized platform for communication between hosts and guests, allowing guests to ask questions, provide feedback, or report issues easily.

Time-Saving – Creating a digital guidebook streamlines the check-in process and reduces the need for hosts to provide extensive in-person explanations or recommendations.

Offline Accessibility – Digital guidebooks can often be accessed offline, ensuring guests have essential information even without an internet connection, which is particularly helpful for travelers who may not have access to mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Professionalism – Offering a digital guidebook demonstrates professionalism and attention to detail, which can lead to positive reviews, repeat bookings, and increased guest satisfaction.

Overall, investing in a digital guidebook for your Airbnb or vacation rental property can improve the guest experience, streamline communication, and contribute to your success as a host.

Touch Stay vs Hostfully Digital Guidebooks: An Overview

Touch Stay offers a versatile digital guidebook tailored for a wide range of hospitality businesses, including vacation rentals, hotels, glamping sites, and RVs. Its platform provides ready-made templates to streamline communications and enhance the guest experience​​. 

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Hostfully, on the other hand, focuses on providing feature-rich digital guidebooks designed to improve guest satisfaction and operational efficiency for property managers and hosts. Both platforms aim to replace traditional print manuals with dynamic, digital solutions, but each has its unique strengths tailored to specific segments of the hospitality market.

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Pricing Plans

Touch StayHostfully Digital Guidebooks
Flexible pricing plans $12.50/month for 1 property (discounts available for 2 or more properties) View plansFlexible pricing plans $9.99/month for 1 property, $24.99/month for 2 to 5 properties, $49.99 for 6 to 10 properties, $75 for 1 to 15 properties (and the price increases in $25 increment for every additional 5 properties. View plans
❌ Free planFree plan available – Offers a “forever free” subscription for one guidebook
Free trial – 14 days free trialFree trial – 14 days free trial

Winner: Hostfully Digital Guidebooks

Hostfully Digital Guidebooks is our winner due to the following reasons:

  • Pricing Flexibility and Scale: Hostfully Digital Guidebooks offers a broader range of pricing plans that accommodate varying scales of operation, from a single property to multiple properties, making it more adaptable as your business grows. The incremental price increase for every additional 5 properties after 15 is a scalable feature that could benefit larger operations.
  • Free Plan Availability: Hostfully provides a “forever free” subscription for one guidebook, which is an excellent option for hosts just starting out or those with a single property who are not ready to commit to a paid plan. This feature allows you to try out the service with no financial commitment.
  • Comparable Free Trial Period: Both services offer a 14-day free trial, making them equal in terms of the opportunity to test out their offerings before committing.

Considering these points, Hostfully Digital Guidebooks offers more flexibility and scalability for a range of vacation rental hosts, from those with a single property to those managing multiple properties. The presence of a free plan also makes it an attractive option for hosts looking to experiment with digital guidebooks without upfront costs.


Touch StayHostfully Digital Guidebooks
Easy Content Creation – Enrich your guidebook with images, virtual tours, and videos. Customize the layout and design, and weave in your logo, fonts, and brand colors.Easy Content Creation – Enrich your guidebook with images, virtual tours, and videos. Customize the layout and design, and weave in your logo, fonts, and brand colors.
Email Capture – Capture every guest’s email addressEmail Capture – Capture every guest’s email address
Email & Text Messaging – Schedule and automate your email and text messagingEmail & Text Messaging
3rd Party Embeds – Embed forms for feedback, playlists for ambiance, payment capture for convenience, and so much more. 3rd Party Embeds
PMS Integrations – Compatible with Hostaway, Airbnb, Lodgify, Guesty, OwnerRez, and morePMS Integrations – Compatible with Hostfully PMS
✅ Easy to Share  – Works on any device with a QR code generator✅ Easy to Share  – Works on any device with a QR code generator
✅ Multiple Languages – Translate to over different languages✅ Multiple Languages – Translate to over different languages
✅ Upsell Services  – Upsell services and activities
Referral RevenueReferral Revenue  – Recommend local activities, tickets, and guides through Viator, and earn for every purchase.
AI Itinerary PlannerAI Itinerary Planner

Winner: Touch Stay

Our decision would lean towards Touch Stay for several reasons.

Both platforms offer robust capabilities for easy content creation, email capture, PMS integrations, ease of sharing, and multiple language support. However, Touch Stay distinguishes itself with the addition of email & text messaging capabilities, which can significantly enhance guest communication and experience.

It also supports 3rd-party embeds, allowing for a more customizable and interactive guidebook by incorporating forms, playlists, and other tools directly into the guide.

Although Hostfully Digital Guidebooks offer unique features like referral revenue opportunities and an AI Itinerary Planner, the absence of email & text messaging and 3rd-party embeds could be seen as a significant limitation, especially for hosts looking to automate communication and offer a more integrated experience to their guests.

In conclusion, we choose Touch Stay due to its comprehensive feature set that supports both essential functionalities and advanced integrations, providing a more flexible and enhanced guest experience.

Conclusion – Should You Use Touch Stay vs Hostfully Digital Guidebooks?

Based on the comparison, Touch Stay emerges as the winner due to its comprehensive feature set that aligns more closely with the needs of a versatile and dynamic hospitality operation. 

While Hostfully Digital Guidebooks offers a compelling value proposition, especially with its flexible pricing plans and the availability of a free plan, Touch Stay’s features such as email & text messaging capabilities and support for 3rd-party embeds offer a significant advantage. These features allow for enhanced communication with guests and a more customizable and interactive guidebook experience. 

Consequently, if your priority is to provide a sophisticated and engaging guest experience through advanced integrations and communications, Touch Stay would be the preferable choice.

We hope our comparison guide has helped you choose which one is best for your vacation rental.

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