Our Turno Review: Is It Right For You? [2024]

Check out our Turno review to see if this short-term rental cleaning software is right for you. Learn about its features, pros and cons, and pricing.

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Turno, formerly Turnoverbnb, is a short-term rental cleaning software founded in 2016. It’s designed to help vacation rental hosts stay on top of their properties’ cleaning.  

This Turno review will explore its features, pricing, and our overall recommendations. By the end, you’ll know whether it’s the right fit for you.

What Is Turno?

Designed for short-term rental property owners, Turno is a software that manages and schedules cleaning services. It automates payments, syncs booking calendars from major platforms, and provides mobile apps for hosts and cleaners. As a host, you can either sign up with your current cleaning team or use the platform to look for professional cleaners. 

Turno Features

  • Auto Scheduling: Turno gets your booking dates from sites like Airbnb and Booking.com and turns them into a simple calendar for your cleaners.
  • Automate Your Payment: Using Stripe for secure processing, Turno ensures cleaners are paid as soon as they finish and lets everyone keep track of their invoices.
  • Cleaner Marketplace: Turno lets users find local professional cleaners based on services, availability, ratings, and more. It’s ideal for both regular and last-minute cleaning needs.
  • Photo Checklists: Turno lets hosts create visual task lists for cleaners. Cleaners then upload photos of completed jobs, ensuring cleaning tasks meet the host’s standards.
  • Problem Reporting: With Turno, cleaners can instantly notify hosts about property damage by uploading photos and descriptions. Hosts can then share these with repair experts to get them fixed.
  • Inventory Management: Cleaners report the status of cleaning supplies and toiletries in the app. Turno then alerts hosts when it’s time to restock. 
  • In-App Chat: Turno provides a fast chat tool for hosts to message cleaners directly in the app, share photos, and documents.

Cleaner Marketplace

Turno’s Cleaner Marketplace ensures hosts find the right professional cleaners nearby.

First, you’ll share details about your property, like its size and location. Add in how often you want it cleaned and your budget. Local cleaners on Turno will then send you their bids based on this. If you like an offer, you can chat with the cleaner to work out the specifics. Once that’s done, you can add the cleaner to your property for just one job or regular cleaning.

Already have a cleaning team you trust? Great. You can invite them to use Turno to keep everything in one place. But here’s something worth mentioning: Turno is free for hosts who only use its Cleaner Marketplace. If they add their own cleaning teams, they’ll be charged a small fee for each property.

Problem Reporting

Turno has a helpful feature that lets you identify and address problems in a property.

How it works: Let’s say a cleaner is tidying up and notices a cracked window. Instead of calling or texting, they simply flag it in the Turno app with a photo. The host will get an alert instantly. No more surprising damages after guests leave. And if the host needs a repair? They can reach out to repair services right from the app.

What’s more, Turno neatly organizes all these reports. The app keeps track of which issues have been resolved and which are still pending. It’s not just about cleanliness — this tool doubles as a maintenance tracker.

Inventory Management

Turno offers a simple solution for inventory management. Hosts set up a list with essentials like toiletries, linens, and other must-haves. Cleaners then check the inventory, reporting what’s running low or out. As soon as something’s low, hosts get an alert.

They can set limits for each item, so they’re only notified when it really matters. This way, hosts don’t need to drop by just to see what’s left. They save time and make sure guests always find a place stocked with everything they need. It’s a win-win: easier for hosts and better for guests.

Turno Pricing

Turno offers simple, affordable pricing with no lock-in contracts. For one property, it’s free. If you have multiple properties and choose to exclusively use their Cleaner Marketplace, it’s also free. 

But if you decide to bring in your own team, there’s a charge of $8 a month or $72 annually for each property. Plus, you benefit from their 24/7 live customer service whenever you need assistance.

Turno Alternatives

Turno is a standout choice, especially with its automated scheduling, payments, checklists, and its expansive cleaner marketplace. However, there are several other software options that are worth checking out. 

For example, ResortCleaning is designed specifically for larger operations, particularly those with multiple properties. Other alternatives include Properly and Breezeway each with its own set of features that could be just what you need. 

For a deeper dive into each of these alternatives, check out our review of the best vacation rental cleaning software.

Should You Use Turno? Our Recommendation

Turno stands out thanks to its intuitive design and low prices. This combination of convenience and low cost makes it an excellent choice for self-managing owners or those with smaller portfolios. However, you may want to explore other options as your portfolio grows.

After sifting through many online reviews, we’ve listed the top pros and cons users often mention about Turno:

Turno Pros

  • Turno syncs with your booking calendars, ensuring cleaning takes place right after each guest’s stay.
  • If bookings change, cleaners are notified right away, so there is less chance of confusion or missed appointments.
  • Whether you’re starting from scratch or expanding, Turno can help you find a trustworthy cleaning crew.
  • Detailed checklists and photo-sharing options let you know each cleaning job meets your standards.
  • Turno’s intuitive interface and helpful support make managing cleaning tasks easy.

Turno Cons

  • While the subscription might be free with certain integrations (like Hostfully), additional platform and credit card fees can add extra costs per turnover.
  • There’s a limitation in terms of downloadable reports. Even though checklists and photos are provided, they can’t be easily exported or shared.

Do you want to see if Turno is the right fit for you? There’s no better time to give it a shot. Try it for yourself and take advantage of our exclusive offer: Sign up through our link and receive 25% off your subscription or a $50 discount after your second Marketplace cleaning.

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