Turno vs Properly: Choosing the Right Cleaning Companion [2024]

Discover which is the ultimate cleaning management tool for you! Dive into our friendly side-by-side review of Turno and Properly.

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If you’re looking for ways to improve the cleaning management of your short-term rentals, then you’ve probably heard of Turno and Properly. They’re two of the best tools for cleaning task management out there. But before you decide which one to pick, you must know their main features and differences—doing so will streamline your cleaning and setup process between guests. 

To help you make an informed business decision, we’ll compare these apps’ pricing, features, and customer support. We’ll also provide you with an alternative if you’re still on the fence. 

Turno vs Properly: An Overview

Turno: Formerly TurnoverBnB, Turno integrates with most booking platforms, generating cleaning schedules and allowing you to focus on task management. The Cleaner Marketplace is the real star here, though. It has cleaning teams ready to go, and if you only use their marketplace teams, you can skip the monthly app fee, no matter how many places you manage.

Properly: With Properly, you can be very specific with how you want your cleaning done. It turns to-do lists into easy-to-follow visual guides, and you get real-time updates. Need more help? Dive into their Community Marketplace, and you’ll find plenty of cleaners and service folks ready to jump in. It’s also integrated with major booking platforms.


If you’re just managing one property, Turno is free. Multiple properties are free if you use their Cleaner Marketplace to find your cleaning crew. But if you’ve got your own team and need to bring them on board, it’s $8 per property each month or $72 annually. This setup is ideal for smaller operations or self-managed hosts, keeping things affordable while connecting you to a wide network of cleaning professionals.

Properly offers a 30-day free trial to get you started. After that, it’s $12 a month for a single property. The more properties you add, the less you pay per property. So, if you’re running a big operation with over 600 properties, you’re looking at about $3.15 per property each month. This scalable pricing model makes Properly a good choice for larger companies.


PMS Integrations – Syncs automatically with most booking platforms.✅ ✅ 
Automatic Scheduling – Creates calendars and checklists for managing cleaning tasks.✅ ✅ 
Cleaner Marketplace – Large network of cleaners and service professionals.✅ ✅ 
Photo Checklists – Use photos and notes to guide and check cleaning work.✅ ✅ 
Problem Reporting – Report problems, find solutions, and track their progress.✅ ✅ 
Automatic Payment – Automate payments and transactions securely within the app.✅ 
In-App Training – Offers guides and courses on cleaning best practices and safety.✅ 

Both tools let you organize your cleaning tasks more efficiently. But Turno brings something different to the table with its payment automation. This is a real time-saver for property managers, and it’s a feature that Properly doesn’t really talk about. Also, if you use their Cleaners Network, Turno is free. Even if you have your own crew, their monthly fee is less than Properly’s.

Properly, on the other hand, really digs into the training side of things. They require their cleaners to complete courses within the app before they can begin applying for jobs. But let’s be honest: an app quiz doesn’t really tell you much about how good someone is at cleaning.

So, when everything is considered, Turno appears to have the upper hand. It has the same functional features Properly has, plus it’s cheaper.

Customer Support

4.5 Customer support rating on Capterra.4.7 Customer support rating on Capterra.

Turno, is liked for its features and simplicity, but some find it glitchy with extra fees that can pile up. Properly scores high for its easy use and personalized tasks, though users think it needs better in-app support. 

Turno, with more recent reviews and a larger user feedback, seems to offer more reliability and better support than Properly, despite some glitches and extra fees.

Alternatives to Turno and Properly

In addition to Properly and Turno, another excellent alternative is ResortCleaning.

ResortCleaning can scale to meet the needs of large and small operations. Users praise the software for its excellent support and helpful training sessions for newcomers, which ensures users get the most out of its extensive feature set.

To explore more alternatives and find the best fit for your vacation rental cleaning needs, check out our review of the best vacation rental cleaning software.

Our Recommendation

For most Airbnb hosts and property managers, we recommend Turno over Properly. It’s user-friendly, connects you to a wide network of cleaners, and it can be more affordable than Properly, especially if you use their Marketplace. This makes managing your cleaning tasks simpler and more cost-effective.

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