Uplisting vs Guesty: Which Vacation Rental Software is Best for You? [2024]

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Are you trying to decide whether Uplisting or Guesty would do a better job of automating and streamlining your rental management? Well, you’re in luck! Our Uplisting vs. Guesty showdown is here to assist you on this quest.

We’ll dive into essential factors like features, pricing, and customer support to unravel the strengths and weaknesses of both platforms. Alongside examining Uplisting and Guesty, we’ll also present you with alternative vacation rental software options to broaden your range of possibilities.

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Uplisting vs Guesty: An Overview

Uplisting is an all-encompassing software that supports managing short-term rentals. It has a highly intuitive interface and excellent customer support, and some of its top features are multi-calendar, automated guest reviews, website builder, and a unified inbox.

Guesty offers a comprehensive solution for managing the back end of your vacation rental business. From a direct website builder to a centralized calendar to accounting, it handles every aspect of property management. Find out more about this powerful platform in our Guesty review


Plans start at $100/moCustom pricing
Calculate your costGet a quote
Free Trial No Free Trial
14 daysDemo available

Winner: Uplisting 

Depending on how many properties you manage, you can choose between Uplisting’s Pro and Enterprise plans. The Pro plan starts at $100/month for up to 5 properties (calculated based on the $20/property model), and, with the annual subscription, you can cut the cost by 10%. It includes all of the features except guest identity verification, security deposit collection, and client management, which are available as add-ons. If you manage over 30 properties, you’ll need to request custom pricing for the Enterprise plan.

Guesty, on the other hand, operates solely on a custom pricing model, so you need to request a quote. Besides the fee, you’ll also need to cover the setup fee, which covers their 6-week-long onboarding support.

Property owners and managers with up to 3 properties might find a better fit in Guesty for Hosts,  which offers a fixed pricing structure and a free trial. Our Guesty vs Guesty for Hosts comparison holds more info about how this tool compares to Guesty.

Uplisting has a slight edge over Guesty in terms of pricing due to its transparency, flexibility to add or remove specific add-ons, and the added benefit of a free trial that allows you to fully test all of its features.


✅ Multi Calendar✅ Multi Calendar
Sync and manage your bookings from one calendarSync and manage your bookings from one calendar
✅ Unified Inbox✅ Unified Inbox
Centralize reading and managing all your messages (booking sites, SMS, email, WhatsApp)Centralize reading and managing all your messages (booking sites, SMS, email, WhatsApp)
✅ Channel Manager✅ Channel Manager
Sync bookings and property information across several channels, including Booking.com, Airbnb, Vrbo, and ExpediaSync bookings and property information across several channels, including Booking.com, Airbnb, Vrbo, and Expedia
✅ Booking Website Builder✅ Booking Website Builder
Build a booking website for direct bookings and payments with easeBuild a booking website for direct bookings and payments with ease
✅ Owner Portal✅ Owner Portal
Generate owner statements and detailed reports and keep the property owners in the loopGenerate owner statements and detailed reports and keep the property owners in the loop
✅ Accounting Features✅ Accounting Features
Available through integration with BookingtrustKeep track of income and payments, and integrate apps like Quickbooks
✅ Automation Tools✅ Automation Tools
Automate guest follow-ups and other mundane tasksAutomate guest follow-ups and other mundane tasks
✅ Task Management✅ Task Management
Organize and manage your team’s responsibilities, including check-ins and check-outsOrganize and manage your team’s responsibilities, including check-ins and check-outs
✅ Revenue Management✅Revenue Management
Available through integrations with PriceLabsEliminates the need to use a third-party dynamic pricing tool
✅ Open API✅ Open API
Create custom integrationsCreate custom integrations

Winner: Tie

Both Uplisting and Guesty come well-equipped with an array of tools to automate, streamline, and manage your vacation rental business. While one platform may lack certain built-in features, it compensates by offering powerful integrations.

Uplisting may not provide the same robust functionalities for accounting and revenue management as Guesty, but it seamlessly syncs with Bookingtrust and PriceLabs.

Uplisting offers a built-in guest identity verification feature and cleaning management scheduler, which Guesty lacks, but Guesty supports third-party integrations for these purposes. 

Customer Support

4.9 Custom Support rating on Capterra – Email and live chat4.3 Custom Support rating on Capterra – Email, phone, and live chat

Winner: Uplisting 

Uplisting has received immense praise for its exceptional customer service, and its rating is proof of its responsiveness and helpfulness. Guesty users also express predominantly positive impressions; however, there have been some complaints regarding the lack of responsiveness and precise answers.

Conclusion – Uplisting or Guesty?

The offerings of Uplisting and Guesty are comparable as both platforms provide comprehensive solutions for rental management. However, if we had to choose one of the two, it would be Uplisting. 

Uplisting caters to rental management businesses of all sizes, while Guesty is more tailored to the needs of property owners and managers of medium to large rental businesses. 

Our preference for Uplisting is primarily influenced by their unparalleled customer support, a free trial that allows you to assess the features you require, and a wide range of integrations that compensate for any missing built-in features.

Alternatives to Uplisting and Guesty

Exploring other platforms and their offerings can help you reach a decision about which vacation rental management software is best for your business. Considering that the options are numerous, we’ll help you narrow down your choices with our top picks, including OwnerRez, Hospitable, HostHub, Smoobu, and Hostfully.

Compare the best vacation rental software platforms with our free spreadsheet.

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Find out how these popular tools (and many others) compare to Uplisting and Guesty in our extensive list of Uplisting and Guesty alternatives.

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