7 Useful Signs For Your Airbnb or Vacation Rental

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Putting up signs in your vacation rental can be a great way to welcome guests and provide them with necessary information. We’ve put together this list of some of the most common and useful vacation rental signs for your Airbnb or other short-term rental property.

Any sign in your vacation rental should either improve your guests’ experience in some way, be instructional, or ideally both. It’s best to avoid overwhelming your guests with signs, instructions, and warnings around every corner. While moderation is key, here are a few signs you might consider putting up in your vacation rental or Airbnb.

1. WiFi Password Sign

First on our list is a WiFi Network & Password sign. This is one of the most common, expected, and useful vacation rental signs. It can be a fun way to welcome your guests, while also providing some critical information.

Wood Photo Holder WiFi Block from Amazon

There are many different ways you can let guests know the WiFi information. You can send it in a message or welcome email, include it in a welcome binder or folder of instructions, etc. You don’t need a sign at all, but a WiFi sign can be a fun way to welcome guests while letting them know the WiFi network and password.

On the subject of WiFi, we recommend checking out StayFi, which is a service that provides an excellent guest WiFi experience, while allowing you to capture guest emails.

2. Welcome Sign

You can welcome your guests in all kinds of ways, including leaving a card, a welcome package, or with a welcome sign. You may choose to combine a welcome sign with the WiFi information sign, or have a separate sign.

Welcome Sign with Wood Frame from Amazon

You might also consider using a letterboard or a whiteboard as a welcome sign. This can be a fun way to write a custom message for each guest.

3. House Rules & Instructions

While it’s best not to overwhelm your guests with too many instructional signs everywhere, a simple list of things to remember can save you some headache if guests are repeatedly doing things you don’t want them to do.

You can get an attractive sign template on Etsy, and and add your house rules (or kitchen rules, etc.). And if your property has a pool or hot tub, having a Pool Rules sign is a good idea, too.

Airbnb Vacation Rental Sign - Kitchen Rules
Printable House Rules Sign on Etsy

You could also get a bulletin board and post a laminated copy of your house rules and other information about the area, or include instructions and rules in a laminated folder or binder.

4. Bathroom Signs

The bathroom gets its own spot on this list, because there are a couple of specific things guests can do wrong in the bathroom: flushing things they shouldn’t, and staining your white towels with their makeup.

Another idea for makeup stains is to provide these black makeup removal towels (with ‘Makeup’ embroidered right on them).

5. Social Media Sign

If you’re active on social media (which is a great way to market your vacation rental), you can put up a sign with your social media handles and hashtags.

Social Media Sign on Etsy

A social media sign encourages guests to follow you, and to share tagged photos of your property. If you have guests with good photography skills, you might end up with some professional looking photos to share to your own Instagram feed.

6. Custom Outdoor (or Indoor) House Sign

Last but not least is a custom outdoor (or indoor) sign for your property. This could display the name of your place, the address number, the year it was established, or any combination.

Custom Outdoor Cottage Sign from Green Cottage Designs

Green Cottage Designs has a large portfolio of custom signs they’ve done. And again, Etsy is another great place to find custom signs like these.

7. Safety & Emergency Signs

Depending on your local government regulations, you may be required to include exit signs, fire escape signs, occupancy signs, or other safety & compliance signage. Make sure to check with your local government to know what signs you’re required to have in your vacation rental.

Where to Find Vacation Rental Signs

Hopefully this list has sparked some ideas for signs you might want to include in your own vacation rental. As you look for the perfect signs for your property, here are a few places we recommend checking out:

  • Etsy – Lots of custom signs and DIY templates.
  • Zazzle – Similar to Etsy but with a slightly more limited selection.
  • Pinterest – Pinterest is of course a great place to start any search for something visual. Many of the Etsy sellers who offer Airbnb signs also have very active Pinterest accounts.
  • Amazon – Depending on what kind of sign you’re looking for, Amazon has some great options.

Try searching for both ‘Airbnb signs’ and ‘vacation rental signs’ since the search terms can sometimes bring back different results. Good luck and we hope you find the perfect signs!

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