The Best Vacation Rental Cleaning Software in 2024

Need help picking vacation rental cleaning software? We've got you covered! Check out our guide and discover the perfect software for your needs.

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Let’s be real, keeping up with short-term rental cleaning can be a hassle. From tracking cleaning supplies inventory, to doing laundry, to coordinating your cleaners’ schedules—there’s a lot on your plate. Fortunately, you can use vacation rental cleaning software to automate and streamline your cleaning management. 

Based on our experience working with a range of vacation rental businesses of all sizes, we’ve put together this comprehensive review of the best vacation rental cleaning software, to help you find the right one for your needs. 

Here are our top picks: 

  • TurnoTop pick. Turno helps hosts automate cleaning management. It includes automated scheduling and payments, checklists, a cleaner marketplace, and many other features.
  • ResortCleaning — Best for larger companies. ResortCleaning connects property managers and cleaning companies. It has full PMS integration and inventory management.
  • Properly — Best for hosts with specific cleaning needs. Properly has training modules for the cleaning team and keeps track of each cleaning session.
  • Breezeway — Breezeway is for hosts that prioritize guest communication. Breezeway simplifies cleaning scheduling and provides special guest messaging tools to improve communication.

Should You Use Cleaning Software or a PMS?

You might not need separate cleaning software if you’re using a Property Management System (PMS) for your vacation rental. It could already have cleaning features built in. Most of the time, a PMS covers the basics, but dedicated cleaning software usually has more features. For the best results, you could connect your PMS to a cleaning software.

If you’re weighing your PMS options, check out our review of the best PMS platforms.

The Best Vacation Rental Cleaning Software 


Turno, formerly known as TurnoverBnB, was founded in 2016 as a platform designed to help hosts automate their cleaning. It offers essential features to improve your vacation rental cleaning.

Turno logo

Turno Features

  • Auto Scheduling: Turno automatically schedules cleaning tasks based on guest check-ins and check-outs.
  • Automated Payments: Hosts can securely send payments to cleaners, with an option for automatic payment upon project completion.
  • Cleaner Marketplace: Find professional cleaners near you. It’s easy to get quotes from Turno, whether you need regular maintenance or just a one-time clean-up.
  • Photo Checklists: Choose from a library of checklists or create custom ones. Cleaners can send photos of their work to ensure quality.
  • Problem Reporting: Cleaners can report issues with photos, and hosts receive instant notifications for quick resolution.
  • Inventory Management: Keep track of essential supplies, with notifications for restocking.
  • In-App Chat: Increase communication with real-time messaging for efficient coordination.

Turno Pros & Cons


  • Cost-Effective: Available for free with certain conditions, and onboarding your team is reasonably priced.
  • User-Friendly: Simple interface makes it easy to onboard properties.
  • No Minimums: Turno allows easy property onboarding without a set minimum, unlike many other software options.


  • App Glitches: Users report occasional issues with the app’s functionality.
  • Limited Chat History: The app doesn’t retain an extensive chat history with cleaners.
  • Varied Cleaner Quality: Some users feel the recommended cleaners aren’t always top-tier and suggest hiring cleaning teams externally.

Turno Pricing 

Turno is free for a single property. For multiple properties, it’s free only if you use their cleaner marketplace. However, if you want to onboard your own team, it’s $8 monthly or $72 annually per property.

Should You Use Turno? Our Recommendation

Turno is ideal for self-managed property owners, offering great value and easy setup. While many tools have property minimums, Turno lets you sign up if you only have one property. 

Sign up through our exclusive link to get 25% off your subscription or a $50 discount following your second Marketplace cleaning. 

If you want to learn more about what Turno can offer, check out our review.


Founded in 2008, ResortCleaning is a software that connects property managers and cleaning companies in a single platform. It simplifies scheduling, task management, and invoice handling. 

ResortCleaning Features

  • Full PMS Integration: Connect your Property Management System (PMS) to automate task scheduling and instantly check your property’s status.
  • Convenient Mobile App: The app is accessible to all team members, making it easy to stay in sync and manage tasks on the go.
  • Inventory Management: Prepare for each guest by keeping track of essential supplies like toiletries and cleaning products.
  • Centralized Invoice Management: Invoices from any source can be stored in a single location, simplifying your billing process.
  • Service Provider Network: ResortCleaning has its own network of professional cleaners. 

ResortCleaning Pros & Cons


  • Paperwork Management: Organizes necessary insurance and documents, ensuring everything’s up-to-date and in place.
  • Top-Notch Support: Users love the helpful customer service.
  • Large-Scale Friendly: Great for big companies; users manage up to 500 properties easily.
  • Training Offered: They offer training sessions to help users learn how to use the app.


  • Invoice Limits: Can’t add regular fees to bills without extra work.
  • Complex Setup for Small Users: Designed with bigger companies in mind, its range of tools can be overwhelming for smaller operations. 
  • Extended Learning Curve: New users may experience a longer adjustment period with the app and extra steps that are not required for simpler property cleaning management.
  • Update Hiccups: Users frequently mention that there are issues after updates.

ResortCleaning Pricing

Regular users are charged $5.00, while those needing enhanced inventory management pay $7.50, both priced per property each month.

Our ResortCleaning Recommendation

ResortCleaning is best suited for large operations. Its tools make managing multiple vacation rental properties easy. While it has a lower pricing option than Turno, it’s especially popular with larger rental companies and hotels.


Founded in 2014, Properly sets up cleaning standards, offers training for the cleaning team, and keeps track of each cleaning session for your properties.

Properly logo

Properly Features

  • Checklists: Set standardized guidelines to ensure each property meets your standards. 
  • Best Practice Skills: This app feature offers tried-and-true industry tips and methods, helping users improve their operations.
  • Ranked Services: Performance and reliability rankings help users find the best service providers.
  • Hospitality Training: Properly offers in-app short courses on hospitality basics, helping ensure properties meet top standards.
  • Remote Inspection Service: This feature allows experts to check your rental’s cleaning through the app, catching any missed spots or damages. 

Properly Pros & Cons


  • Easy Management: Helps users manage internal and external cleaning staff easily.
  • Reported Savings: Users mention saving a lot on insurance costs through photo features.
  • Simple Design: The design is very user-friendly. 


  • Setup Issues: Some bumps when adding new employees.
  • Few Options in Small Areas: Not many choices in the app’s marketplace for smaller towns.
  • Takes a Bit to Learn: Some folks might need a moment to get the hang of it.

Properly Pricing

With a 30-day free trial available, Properly costs $12 per month for a single property. However, the cost per property goes down as more properties are added to the subscription.

Our Properly Recommendation

Properly is for hosts who are particular about how they want their cleaning done. Beyond the usual checklist features, the app offers mini-courses and training modules on hospitality best practices, ensuring your cleaning procedures are competitive, up-to-date, and safe.


Founded in 2017, Breezeway helps property managers keep track of tasks and communicate better. The platform makes sure properties are clean, safe, and ready for guests. 

Breezeway logo

Breezeway Features

  • Task Scheduling: Schedule tasks easily based on bookings and property details, ensuring the right job gets done at the right time. 
  • Guest Messaging: Their SMS tools, designed specifically for short-term rentals, help address issues quickly, keep guests happy, and boost bookings. 
  • Asset Management: Use Breezeway to gather insights from your property’s history, ensuring each stay is safe, clean, and top-notch. 
  • Extended Stays: You can offer guests the chance to extend their stay, filling gaps and earning extra revenue.
  • Safety Program: Breezeway offers guidance on best practices, local regulations, and insurance partnerships. 
  • Assist: Breezeway Assist provides 24/7 guest messaging support, specifically tailored to each property, reducing the need for constant back-and-forths.

Breezeway Pros & Cons


  • Helpful Customer Support: Users comment on their responsive, helpful, and friendly customer support team. 
  • Tailored Inspections: You can adjust and set up inspections to match homes with special features, especially luxury ones.
  • Clear Communication: The tool simplifies scheduling and coordination, reducing team miscommunications and missed tasks.


  • Desktop Dependency: Assigning tasks requires a computer. You can’t do it from the mobile app.
  • Can’t Split Up Tasks: You can’t divide big tasks into smaller ones and assign them to different team members.
  • Property-tied To-Do Lists: You can’t set up your own to-do lists unless they’re tied to a property.
  • Hidden Pricing: Breezeway doesn’t display its pricing on the website, and you won’t find it online.

Breezeway Pricing

Breezeway charges monthly for its operations platform and guest messaging app, based on how many properties you have. The cost changes with the size of your portfolio.

Our Breezeway Recommendation

Breezeway is great for hosts who prioritize interacting with guests. Its user-friendly task scheduling makes it simple to manage multiple listings. Additionally, custom text messaging ensures guest communication stays clear.

Other Vacation Rental Cleaning Software

While they didn’t make our top recommendations, other notable cleaning software include CleanliSense, Doinn, Tidy,, Turnify, Operto Teams, Automatebnb, and Taskbird. If you want to weigh in all your options, you’ll likely come across these software choices. So, it’s worth checking them out. 

The Power of Integration: Using a PMS and Cleaning Software

Combining cleaning software with a PMS elevates your vacation rental management to the next level. With seamless data integration, especially around guest check-in and check-out times, the efficiency is unmatched. Plus, it opens the door to a broader range of features when you need them.

Compare the best vacation rental software platforms with our free spreadsheet.

View the spreadsheet

Check out our review of the best vacation rental PMS platforms if you’re in the market for comprehensive vacation rental management software.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Software For Your Business

Balancing cleaning schedules, guest turnovers, and ensuring top-quality rentals can be a handful. But with cleaning software designed just for vacation rentals, it becomes much easier. More than just simple task management, these tools really cater to your needs. Maybe it’s the perfect moment to think about using one for your property.

Turno is our top pick for its balance of cost and efficiency. Unlike some cleaning software platforms that mandate a property minimum, Turno welcomes hosts with just one. And for seasoned hosts? Its impressive PMS integrations mean it probably syncs with the property management system you’re already using. 

Sign up through our exclusive Turno link to get 25% off your subscription or a $50 discount following your second Marketplace cleaning.

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