Vacation Rental Guidebook: Here’s How to Create One

So you want to create a vacation rental guidebook for your Airbnb. We’re sharing everything you need to know in this guide.

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Creating a vacation rental guidebook is a strategic move for property owners looking to enhance their guests’ experience. 

A vacation rental guidebook serves not only as a manual for the property but also as a comprehensive resource, connecting guests with the unique aspects of the rental and its surrounding area. A well-constructed guidebook can significantly improve the guest experience, making their stay more enjoyable and memorable.

What is a Vacation Rental Guidebook?

A vacation rental guidebook is a detailed, informative resource designed to provide guests with all the information they need for a fulfilling stay.

It includes practical instructions about the property and personalized tips on local attractions. Acting as a silent guide, the guidebook ensures guests have a smooth and enjoyable stay.

Why Do I Need a Vacation Rental Welcome Guidebook?

Make the Guest Experience More Special

A vacation rental guidebook, filled with personal touches, not only warmly welcomes guests but also makes them feel valued. It’s an opportunity to exceed their expectations and create a lasting impression.

Save Time

A comprehensive guidebook can significantly reduce the time hosts spend answering guest inquiries. By addressing frequently asked questions and explaining property features, hosts can streamline operations and enhance guest satisfaction.

Provide Local Highlights and Recommendations

Including a section on local attractions, dining, and hidden gems allows guests to explore the area beyond typical tourist spots. Sharing personal favorites and insider tips enriches their experience and supports local businesses.

Help Guests Navigate Through Your Property

Providing clear instructions on appliance use, amenity access, and house rules in the guidebook helps minimize confusion and ensures guests have a hassle-free stay.

Get Positive Guest Reviews

A well-prepared guidebook often leads to positive guest reviews. Satisfied guests are likely to share their positive experiences, increasing the rental’s visibility and attractiveness.

Overall, you can use this tool to improve the guest experience, streamline their operations, and boost their rental’s appeal.

Here’s What to Include in Your Vacation Rental Guidebook

Creating a vacation rental guidebook involves compiling essential information and local insights to ensure guests have a comfortable and enriching stay. Here’s a comprehensive list of what to include:

Welcome Information

Begin with a warm welcome message that expresses your enthusiasm for hosting guests. This section sets the tone for their stay and shows your commitment to their experience.

Table of Contents

A clear table of contents helps guests easily navigate the guidebook to find the information they need quickly.

Check-in and Check-out Instructions

Provide detailed instructions for checking in and out, including key collection, property access codes, and any specific procedures to follow, ensuring a smooth transition for guests.

Log in Instructions

List WiFi passwords and instructions for connecting to the internet, along with how to access any streaming services or smart home devices available in your rental.

Helpful Emergency Contact Numbers

Include local emergency numbers, the nearest hospital, and contact information for yourself or the property manager in case guests need assistance.

House Rules and Manual

Clearly outline house rules to ensure guests understand their responsibilities. This section can also include a manual on how to use appliances and where to find essential items like extra blankets or fire extinguishers.

Amenities List

Detail the amenities provided, such as kitchen appliances, entertainment options, fitness equipment, or outdoor features, so guests know what’s available to them during their stay.

Activities Guide

Creative Airbnb Experience Ideas

Offer a curated list of activities and attractions in the area, tailored to various interests like hiking, museums, family-friendly options, or unique local experiences.

Bars and Restaurant Recommendations

Share your personal recommendations for dining out, including cafes, restaurants, and bars, highlighting any that offer a special experience or are a local favorite.

Local Ordinances/Code Compliance

Inform guests of any local laws or residential codes they need to be aware of, such as noise restrictions, recycling rules, or parking regulations.

Local Transportation Information

Provide details on public transportation options, including bus routes, train stations, bike rental services, and tips for getting around the area easily.

Personalized Section for Your Target Audience

Tailor a section specifically for your guests, whether they’re families with children, couples, business travelers, or adventure seekers, offering relevant information and suggestions.

Where to Find You After Their Stay

Include your contact information or social media handles if guests want to stay in touch, leave feedback, or follow your property for future stays.

Special Extras

Mention any special extras you offer, like welcome baskets, discount codes for local attractions, or equipment for outdoor activities, to enhance their experience.

Make Your Guidebook Stand Out

To ensure your vacation rental guidebook stands out, focus on personalization and user-friendliness. Use high-quality images and clear, concise language. Incorporating local artwork or quotes can add a unique touch, making the guidebook not only a resource but a memorable keepsake. 

Providing digital access through a downloadable PDF or a dedicated app enhances convenience for tech-savvy guests. Regular updates ensure the information remains accurate and relevant, showcasing your dedication to guest satisfaction. 

By making your guidebook a reflection of both the property’s character and your hospitality, you create a standout resource that contributes significantly to the overall guest experience.

Printed or Digital Vacation Rental Guidebook: Which is Better?

When it comes to choosing between a printed or digital vacation rental guidebook, the most effective strategy often involves a blend of both formats. This hybrid approach ensures you cater to a broad spectrum of guest preferences, combining the tactile appeal and accessibility of a printed copy with the convenience and interactivity of a digital version.

For those leaning towards digital solutions, platforms like Touch Stay offer an invaluable resource. They specialize in providing ready-made guidebook templates that are specifically designed for various types of hospitality businesses. 

Touch Stay’s platform is geared towards enhancing communication between hosts and their guests, making it easier to share vital information, updates, and personalized recommendations in an engaging, user-friendly format. Adopting such a digital tool can streamline the process of creating a comprehensive guidebook while ensuring it is easily accessible and adaptable to the dynamic nature of hospitality services.

Another great option is Hostfully’s Digital Guidebook. With its customizability, multilingual support, and interactive maps, you’re sure to elevate your guests’ experience with their guidebook. What makes the Hostfully Digital Guidebook stand out for hosts is its seamless integration with property management systems so this can greatly streamline the process of making and updating guidebooks for both hosts and guests. 

Hostfully’s Digital Guidebook enhances the guest experience by providing comprehensive and customizable information while simplifying the hosting process for property owners.

Where to Place Your Vacation Rental Guidebook

Strategically placing your vacation rental guidebook is crucial for ensuring it is seen and used by guests. For printed copies, consider placing them in high-traffic areas within the rental, such as the living room coffee table, the entryway, or bedrooms. These locations are where guests are likely to notice and peruse the guidebook as they settle in or relax during their stay.

For digital guidebooks, make sure to provide clear instructions on how to access the guidebook in the booking confirmation email and upon arrival. A welcome note or a prominently displayed card with a QR code that links directly to the digital guidebook can be very effective. This ensures guests are immediately aware of the guidebook’s existence and can easily access it from their own devices at any time during their stay.


A well-crafted guidebook serves as an indispensable tool, enriching the guest experience and streamlining the management process for hosts. Whether opting for a printed, digital, or blended format, the key lies in making the guidebook accessible, informative, and reflective of the unique charm of your property and its surroundings. 

By leveraging platforms like Touch Stay for digital guidebooks and placing them thoughtfully within your property, you can ensure that your guests have all the information they need at their fingertips. 

Ultimately, the effort put into creating a comprehensive and user-friendly vacation rental guidebook pays dividends in guest satisfaction, positive reviews, and repeat business.

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