Essential Vacation Rental Supplies for Hosts & Guests

Get your Airbnb fully stocked with essential supplies and boost your chances of earning 5-star reviews.

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Looking to become a Superhost? Having a well-stocked vacation rental is a must. 

With all the essentials and a few special touches, you’ll give guests that “home away from home” feeling which leads to repeat 5-star reviews. 

To help you stay on top of it all, we’ve put together a vacation rental supplies checklist to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

How We Make Our Recommendations

Here’s how we decide which products make our top picks list:

  • Feedback from 200+ Hosts: our Vacation Rental Inventory Spreadsheet has been downloaded and used by hundreds of hosts like you. We update it regularly based on the feedback we get.
  • Online Reviews: we scour the internet for product reviews from real Airbnb hosts.
  • Forums and Communities: we spend a lot of time in online forums and communities for vacation rentals, to see which products get recommended the most.
  • Suitability: products you buy for your Airbnb need to be durable, affordable, and easy to clean. We keep all these factors in mind when making our recommendations.

Essential Vacation Rental Supplies Checklist

There aren’t strict rules about what supplies you need to have in your rental, but it’s important to cover the basics. If you want your place to be memorable, then think about adding some extra touches to make their stay more comfortable. 

To make it simple for you, we’ve split this list into categories. This way, you can easily find and pick the short-term rental supplies you need.

Bedroom Supplies

Airbnb bedroom - airbnb bedroom checklist

Bathroom Supplies

For toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, you can go with individually wrapped items or buy them in bulk and use refillable dispensers for everything. If you’d like to go all out, you can get toiletry kits that pack that include everything guests need, including soaps, disposable razors, bath products, and more.

Kitchen Supplies

Living Room Supplies

Laundry Room

Outdoor Space

Cooking meat on grill - best grill for Airbnb vacation rental

General Cleaning Supplies

Safety and Security Supplies

  • First aid kit
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Batteries

How Many Supplies Should You Have for Your Rental?

How many supplies you need for your Airbnb depends on your type of rental and your maximum number of guests. A good starting point is to get 2 or 3 sets of everything (sheets, pillowcases, bath, and hand towels) and see how that goes.

For things like bathroom kits that guests go through quickly, it’s smart to buy in bulk. Make sure that you have enough supplies for each sink and shower. 

The same goes for essential vacation rental kitchen supplies. Have an extra dish soap, a couple of sponges, and a few packs of trash bags somewhere on your property, since these tend to get used up.

Since you won’t run out of cleaning supplies as fast, just keep a couple of extra bottles on hand. That way, you’ve got one ready in the rental and backups in storage when you need them. This way, you can keep things running smoothly without ending up with too much or too little stuff cluttering up your space.

When you need to restock your supplies, you can use our restocking checklist to help you out.

Where to Buy the Best Vacation Rental Supplies

When it comes to stocking up on supplies for your Airbnb, you’ve got plenty of options. Just think about what works best for you in terms of price, quality, and ease of shopping. 

Here are some places you can check out:

  • Online Shopping: Sites like Amazon, Walmart, or Target have a huge selection of supplies at good prices. Plus, you can read reviews to make sure you’re getting quality stuff.
  • Wholesale: If you’re looking to buy in bulk, places like Costco or Sam’s Club can save you some serious money, especially on things like toiletries and cleaning supplies. 
  • Rental-Specific Companies: Companies that specialize in supplies for hotels and rentals, like Inhaven, have everything you need, from bedding to cleaning supplies. Inhaven is the perfect option if you want high-quality supplies handpicked by hospitality experts.

    FIX Linens also specializes in linens and bedding for Airbnbs and short-term rentals. They offer huge discounts for hosts and for those who would avail in bulk orders for their properties. Use our link or punch in our discount code FLOORSPACESTUDIO for a 20% discount off your order upon checkout.
  • Custom Shops: If you’re after something unique or personalized for your rental, consider custom shops or local artisans. Websites like Etsy can be great for finding handmade or customized supplies like soaps that can make your rental stand out.

Final Thoughts

Even if your guests often bring their own toiletries, having a few extra supplies can make a big difference in earning those five-star reviews. They’ll help your guests feel right at home and enjoy their stay even more.

When it comes to buying vacation rental supplies, it’s all about knowing your guests. Consider what they use most in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and around your Airbnb. This will help you decide which amenities and supplies to keep in stock.

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