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Wheelhouse is one of the most popular Airbnb pricing tools on the market. You can read our review of the best Airbnb pricing tools, or read our full review of Wheelhouse.

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How Much Does Wheelhouse Cost?

Wheelhouse offers a very flexible pricing structure. You can choose to pay a percentage of every booking (Essential Plan) or pay a flat monthly rate (Pro Plan). This flexibility in pricing is one area where Wheelhouse stands out among its competitors.

Here’s a quick look at Wheelhouse’s pricing plans.

  • Free Plan: You can create a free Wheelhouse account and get access to free pricing insights with limited features. This is a great way to learn more about Wheelhouse before you commit.
  • Essential Plan: 0.75% per booking + $2.99/listing/mo
  • Wheelhouse “Pro” Plan: starting at $19.99/listing/mo (and get 10-30%+ discounts on bulk listings)

Visit Wheelhouse’s pricing page for more information about the features and bulk discounts of each plan. And again, be sure to use the Wheelhouse coupon code for 75% off when you sign up for your account.

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Of the main Airbnb pricing tools, Wheelhouse offers the most choice when it comes to pricing structure.

What Features Does Wheelhouse Offer?

The primary feature offered by Wheelhouse is revenue management. Wheelhouse can dynamically and automatically manage your Airbnb’s nightly rates, to maximize your bookings and profits.

Using Wheelhouse, you can automatically control your Airbnb pricing settings like the following:

  • Base price – the recommended price for your listing, around which all other prices are calibrated.
  • Minimum night stays – create different rules for how long guests can stay depending on seasons, weekends, and more.
  • Minimum and maximum prices – ensure your prices don’t go below or above the limits you set.
  • Custom rates – set a one-off custom rate on any listing at any time.
  • Last-minute discounts – automatically increase your chances of getting booked before any given night expires.
  • Long-term discounts – create discounted rates for guests wanting to stay for longer periods.
  • Weekend adjustments – set custom rates for weekends.
  • Seasonal adjustments – adjust your rates for specific seasons without messing up your other pricing.
  • Far-future pricing – set custom rates for days far in the future.

In addition to revenue management features, Wheelhouse also offers market reports and several integrations with other vacation rental management software.

Does Wheelhouse Offer a Free Trial?

Rather than a free trial, Wheelhouse allows you to create a free account. While the features are limited in the free account, this is a great way to get more familiar with Wheelhouse before you decide to start using their dynamic pricing tool features like revenue management and automation.

You can also use this Wheelhouse referral code to get 75% off your first month. While it’s not a free trial, a 75% discount code allows you to try out all the Wheelhouse features without paying full price.

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