Wheelhouse vs Beyond Pricing – Side-by-Side Comparison of Dynamic Pricing Tools

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Using a dynamic pricing tool is one of the most effective ways to maximize your Airbnb or vacation rental profits, and Wheelhouse and Beyond Pricing are two of the best dynamic pricing tools on the market. We’ve created this side-by-side comparison to help you figure out how to choose between these two software platforms.

Our Wheelhouse vs Beyond Pricing comparison includes their pricing plans, features, and customer support. You really can’t go wrong with either of these pricing tools, but there are a few key differences that will help you decide which one’s better for you.

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Wheelhouse vs Beyond Pricing: An Overview

Wheelhouse is the newer of these two pricing tools on the market, but they are growing very rapidly with over 40,000 customers. They claim to help their users increase their revenue by 10-40%, and they have a lot of positive customer reviews to back it up. They are moving quickly and constantly releasing new features and updates to improve their dynamic pricing software.

Beyond Pricing is the original dynamic pricing tool for vacation rentals, and it’s still one of the best options. They are now expanding into additional vacation rental management features, and appear to be trying to grow into a more comprehensive vacation rental management software platform.

Both of these companies are highly reputable and offer a service (dynamic pricing) that can simplify your life as a vacation rental host or owner, as well as dramatically increase your profits.

Pricing Plans

Wheelhouse Logo
Beyond Pricing logo
Flexible pricing plans. 1% of revenue or $19.99/listing/mo (with volume discounts). View plans.1% of revenue. Learn more about their pricing model.

Winner: Wheelhouse

Wheelhouse is the clear winner in terms of pricing. You have to option to choose between getting charged 1% of revenue (which is the same as Beyond Pricing) or opting for a flat fee of $19.99/listing/mo. Wheelhouse also offers volume discounts available at 10 or more properties.


Wheelhouse Logo
Beyond Pricing logo
Dynamic Pricing – Set base, min, and max prices, and more, and get optimized nightly rates.Dynamic Pricing– Set base, min, and max prices, and more, and getoptimized nightly rates.
Market Insights – Get access to market and performance data. No paid account required. View data.Market InsightsGet access to market and performance data. No paid account required. View data.
Competitive Data – Track your competition to improve your performance. Learn more.Competitive DataTrack your competition to improve your performance. Learn more.
Integrations – Airbnb, TripAdvisor, iGMS, Your Porter, Guesty, MyVR, Hostaway, Rentals United, BookingSync, and more. *Notably missing Booking.com and Vrbo / HomeAway, but these can be added with a PMS.Integrations – Airbnb, Vrbo, Barefoot, BookingSync, Booking.com, Ciirus, Escapia, Guesty, Hostaway, Hostfully, Hostify, iGMS, Kigo, LiveRez, Lodgix, MyVR, OwnerRez, Smoobu, Streamline, and more. OwnerRezSmoobu
Personalized Revenue ManagementPersonalized Revenue Management – Get personalized help from a team of experts. Learn more.
Channel ManagerChannel Manager – Automatically sync reservations across OTAs like Airbnb and Vrbo. Learn more.
❌ Booking website✔️ Booking website – *Requires a separate PMS. Learn more.

Winner: It depends

While Beyond Pricing is trying to expand their feature set to become a more comprehensive vacation rental management software, Wheelhouse is working at breakneck speed to introduce more and more advanced dynamic pricing features (like their Competitive Sets feature).

So the best feature set comes down to your needs.

With Beyond Pricing, you can get some basic vacation rental management software features, like channel management (Relay) and a direct booking website builder (Signal), as well as access to their Comp Sets. Keep in mind that the website builder requires a separate PMS integration, so it’s not quite as good as it sounds. That said, Beyond Pricing definitely has a robust, expanding feature set.

Wheelhouse, on the other hand, has a laser focus on improving their dynamic pricing features. If you aren’t interested in a channel manager (or you’re already using one that integrates with Wheelhouse), then Wheelhouse is probably the better option, since they are constantly releasing new, advanced features to improve their dynamic pricing.

Customer Support

Wheelhouse Logo
Beyond Pricing logo
4.9 Customer Support rating on Capterra – Email and chat4.7 Customer Support rating on Capterra – Email and chat

Winner: Wheelhouse

Wheelhouse wins in the customer support department, but not by much. Both of these companies offer excellent customer support, and there are very few if any complaints about poor customer service from either Wheelhouse or Beyond Pricing.

With Beyond Pricing, you do have the option to hire their team of experts to personally manage your pricing. You can read more about Guidance, Beyond Pricing’s personalized revenue management offering.

Conclusion – Should You Use Wheelhouse or Beyond Pricing?

Both Wheelhouse and Beyond Pricing are excellent pricing tools, with their own unique benefits. Which one you choose ultimately comes down to the specific features that are of interest to you.

If the differences in features outlined here didn’t help you make up your mind, then we highly recommend Wheelhouse, simply because you have the option to choose between being charged 1% of revenue or a flat fee. Read our full Wheelhouse review for more.

If you want to check out Wheelhouse and see if it’s a good fit, you can get started for free at UseWheelhouse.com and use this Wheelhouse referral code for 75% off your first month.

If Beyond sounds like a fit for you, new users will receive their next $5000 in bookings for free (as a $50 credit). Go to BeyondPricing.com and get started with them today!

We genuinely hope this comparison of Beyond Pricing vs Wheelhouse has helped you decide which pricing tool is best for you. If you have experience with either of these tools, let us know in the comments!

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