Wheelhouse vs PriceLabs: Side-by-Side Comparison [2024]

If you're a vacation rental host looking for the best pricing tool, you should read this comparison article on Wheelhouse vs PriceLabs.

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Are you a vacation rental host looking to master your pricing strategy amidst a fluctuating market? Dynamic pricing technologies have transformed the game, offering sophisticated solutions to this challenge. 

Wheelhouse and PriceLabs stand out as frontrunners in this arena. If you’re having a hard time choosing between the two, this article is for you. 

We’re comparing Wheelhouse vs PriceLabs to see which one suits you.

Wheelhouse vs PriceLabs: An Overview

Wheelhouse has developed a suite of tools for rental owners, focusing on data analytics for pricing optimization. Its platform includes features such as market-driven pricing recommendations, customizable pricing strategies, and analytics. 

UseWheelhouse.com - Airbnb Dynamic Pricing Tool

Wheelhouse’s pricing structure is designed to suit a range of property portfolio sizes. Its user interface and integration capabilities with property management systems are highlights, making it a user-friendly option.

On the other hand, PriceLabs offers a dynamic pricing engine that incorporates extensive data to recommend optimal pricing. Its features include analysis of market trends, demand forecasting, and automated price adjustments. 

PriceLabs uses a flexible pricing model and provides an easy-to-use interface with wide integration options. It’s known for its scalability, appealing to both individual hosts and large property management companies.

Pricing Plans

Flexible pricing plans. 1% of revenue or $19.99/listing/mo (with volume discounts). View plansFlexible pricing plans. 1% booking percentage plan or:
▪︎ USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel: $19.99/listing/month
▪︎ Brazil: R$47.50/listing/month
▪︎ Rest of the world: $9.99/listing/month
(with volume discounts)
View plans
❌ Free trial30-Day Free trial
Free plan available – Get free insights into 3 months of forward-looking pricing❌ Free plan

Winner: It depends

When choosing the pricing tool for your vacation rental, take into account your business size, location, and the importance of a free trial.

If you value the ability to test a service before fully committing, and your properties are located in regions where PriceLabs offers competitive pricing, PriceLabs could be the better choice due to its 30-day free trial and tailored pricing plans.

If you are managing a smaller number of properties, are highly budget-conscious, or want to gain insights without an immediate financial commitment, Wheelhouse, with its free plan and straightforward pricing, could be more appealing.


Dynamic Pricing – Set base, min, and max prices, and more, and get optimized nightly rates. ✅ Dynamic Pricing – Set base, min, and max prices, and more, and get optimized nightly rates.
Market Insights – Get access to market and performance data. No paid account required. View dataMarket Insights – Get access to market and performance data. Starts at $9.99/mo. View plans.
Competitive Data – Track your competition to improve your performance. Learn more. Competitive Data – Track your competition to improve your performance. Learn more.
Integrations – Airbnb, TripAdvisor, iGMS, Guesty for Hosts (Your Porter App), Guesty, MyVR, Hostaway, Rentals United, BookingSync, and more.
*Notably missing Booking.com and Vrbo / HomeAway, but these can be added with a PMS. 
Integrations – 100+ PMS and channel managers
❌ Desktop AppDesktop App – Get easy access, and fast and seamless experience.
❌ Team ManagementTeam Management – Allows you to manage your team with control & precision.

Winner: PriceLabs

If you value broad integration options, desktop application access, and team management features, then PriceLabs would be the winner. These additional functionalities could offer significant advantages in terms of accessibility, ease of use, and the ability to coordinate with a team, which are critical for optimizing operations and enhancing rental management efficiency.

However, the choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences, and whether the additional features provided by PriceLabs justify any potential cost differences or learning curves associated with switching platforms.

Customer Support

4.8 Customer Support rating on Capterra4.9 Customer Support rating on Capterra

Winner: PriceLabs

When comparing customer support between Wheelhouse and PriceLabs based on the ratings provided, PriceLabs has a slightly higher customer support rating at 4.9 on Capterra compared to Wheelhouse’s rating of 4.8. 

While both ratings are very high, indicating that both companies likely offer very good customer support, PriceLabs edges out just slightly ahead based on the numerical rating alone.

Conclusion – Should You Use Wheelhouse vs PriceLabs?

From the comparison above, we can see that Wheelhouse and PriceLabs are excellent pricing tools. Each one has its own unique features and advantages. The winner you choose for your vacation rental ultimately comes down to your own specific needs.

Still can’t make up your mind? We recommend PriceLabs for its additional features, high customer support rating, and 30-day free trial.

We hope our comparison guide has helped you choose which one is best for your vacation rental. You can head on to our roundup of the best pricing tools in the market today.

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